6 confession

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Patience is a virtue.
Find it if you can.
Seldom in a woman.
But never in a man.

Josie sat patiently while the
lady gave them tea.

Al didn't. There was nothing patient about him when it came to murder.

Josie kept putting her hand on his arm to calm him.

She knew if they were going to get any information out of her they would have to do it on her time.

All Al could think of was how much he could have accomplished elsewhere.

He did ask Josie to come for the feminine touch.

What fascinated Al was the fact that the place across the street was swarming with police and police vehicles but this lady was as calm as calm could be.

"Did you notice the commotion across the street?" Al finally had to spit it out.

"Hmmmm....what dear?"

Al could hardly stay in his seat.

Josie spoke gently, "We are sorry to inform you but Mrs. MacMillan was found dead."

The police don't have to tell the truth, do they?

"Oh that doesn't surprise me one bit."

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