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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 16: Pink cross

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Chapter 16: Pink cross


What was wrong with me?

I was sitting on the side of the garden tub crying with a towel held to my eyes. I knew Bain wouldn’t be far behind, so I locked the door.

I didn’t want him seeing me like this even though I already cried in front of him. He would think he did it but in reality, it was all me.

“Kitten!” Bain said loudly at the door. “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” he asked gently. I heard the door knob rattle as soon as he asked.

“No, Bain! I’ve done told you, you didn’t hurt me. I’m fine,” I responded back. I know Bain won’t leave. It’s not in his nature to just walk away. I was wasting my breath.

“Open the door, baby. Don’t make me break it down,” he warned.

I sighed and threw the towel down. “If you break it down, we won’t have a door anymore.” As soon as I got that out, Bain busted through, hitting it with his shoulder. It cracked the frame but the door was still intact.

I jumped up and pulled my shirt together. He saw my reaction and a flash of hurt filled his face. “I’m so sorry, Kitten.” He pulled me into his arms and held me there.

“Don’t be. You’ve done nothing wrong.  I cried because I never thought I would find love like this. Most of the time, it’s only written in books, not reality. You have given me something that every girl dreams about but doesn’t get to live it. I’m crying because I’m happy with my life and sad that my parents don’t get to see this,” I said holding him tighter.

Bain said nothing as he lifted me up and took me back to bed. He laid down with me draped over his chest. With Bain quiet, I could still have my thoughts and him at the same time. It was perfect. He always knew what I needed.

We were woken by Kade knocking on the door. I could vaguely remember a cell phone going off just minutes earlier.

Bain helped me get dressed before going to the door. He jerked it opened and barked “Yeah?”

“Sorry to bother you but you’ve got to hear this,” Kade said waving him on. I was immediately curious since he didn’t explain what this is. So I ran out of the room, following them. Bain looked at me over his shoulder about to tell me to go back to the room.

“I don’t think so, General Winters,” I smarted.

He smirked before turning his head. I was surprised and was ready to hug him. He has been so protective lately, if I moved an inch, he was suddenly there to make sure I was okay. I blamed Dennis for this.

Kade led us downstairs where Connor and Laven held an exhausted Jenna. Her once perfect hair was in tangles and she wore a long black shirt that went past her knees. Her eyes were swollen from crying a lot and faint black steaks stained her face. Believe it or not, she looked like a normal girl now. Younger even.

Bain immediately stiffened from her presence. “You brought her back in my house!?” he growled at all of them.

I could tell Bain blamed her for my kidnapping and getting hurt. And it was her fault for letting Dennis free but she was a woman. From my experience since I met Bain, women will do anything or say anything to get what they want but they shouldn’t be treated badly. Just stay away from them.

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