Chapter 12 Ohhh how the moon Goddess loves me

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 After our discovery in the woods, we decided to call it a night. Ryan and I both walked Kadien home, neither of us wanting the other to be alone with her. We both kissed our mate goodnight and agreed to meet in the morning to get some answers.  We both watched her climb her tree to her window and slip inside silently. 

"I don't like you one bit, or the idea of you touching my mate. But we are going to have to figure out a way to get along for her." Ryan interrupted the silence. 

"I agree a hundred percent, at least until we figure out what the heck is really going on" I added. 

We both nodded in agreement and went our separate ways. As soon as I got home I went straight to bed and thanking the moon goddess for mating me to one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. My eyelids became heavy as I let myself fall into a sleep filled with dreams of my gorgeous mate and the kiss we shared. 


The next morning I woke up eager to get some answers. We were to meet at the pack house. I've only been there once. The first day my mother and I moved to this town, it's been a week already. It was a hard move for us. But we needed to move after what happened to Dad. Its been twelve years since his death, but it haunted my mother and I. Of course my mother was worse off, losing your mate was the hardest thing to every go through your life. Our pact tried to help where they could but they had their own families to protect and my mother, well lets face it she had lost her mind the day my fahter lost his life. 

I kissed my mom goodbye and decided on walking to the pack house. I needed to think. What if I don't like what is said? There is a possibility that we both are her mates. Could I live with that? Would I be able to share my mate? No! Hell no! There is no where in hell I'd share her! She is mine! but the hard truth was I would share her. Beacause I knew if I didn't go along with what she wanted I would lose her. And the thought scared me to my very core. She meant more to me then anything and I had only known her for two days. She was all I thought about, I would do anything just to see that smile on her beautiful little face. 

After twenty minutes I finally reached the pack house with a heart already made up. I didn't care anymore what we were to find out. She was mine and if that meant sharing her so she would feel completly well then our Ryan and I would have to work out our differences. I knocked on the door surpised to see my gorgous little mate open the door. 

"Sam" she squealed as her tiny little frame jumped into my arms. She was 5'4 with long black softly curled hair. She curved in all the right places leaving the most sexist hour glass shaped body. Her big dark blue eyes caused your body to shiver as her goreous long eyelashes batted at you seductivly with out her even trying. I was curious to see when she was trying to seduce someon. My eyes wandered to her perfect cute little nose then down to her perfect plump red lips. Everything about those lips made you want to take them into your own. She was no doubt the prettiest girl I had ever seen. She smiled at me then pulled me in. 

"You are in a better mood today. Not that I'm complaining" I whispered to her. She giggled

"I don't know after you boys left last night I fell into the most perfect sleep. I've never slept so good." Her eyes turned darker if possible as her mind fell inot a unknown demions. What had happened to this poor girl? I knew better then to ask her again. She nearly tor off my head the first time. All I knew was I would protect her from anything.  We walked into what I believed to be the main pack meeting room and took a seat next to my mate. As Ryan was already seated on the other side of her. Alpha Thomas walked in with Andy causing us all to stand back up and bow as they took a seat across from us. Alpha Thomas reminded me a lot of my dad. THough my dad had been a beta they both had that power to calm you. 

"My son has informed me on what has happened, I have only heard of this happening once before." Alpha Thomas started off. " Many centuries ago, when were wolves walked this earth alone with out packs, a young white wolf was born. The werewolves then were much like our rogues now. They did not believe in mates as they do not now. The Moon Goddess was the first female werewolf to roam earth. She was goreous, every male wolf lusted after her. She was the only white wolf known the our kind. One day as she was running through the desseret woods, fire erupted through her body knocking her down to the floor. She whitered in pain as she tried to understand what was happening to her. A wolf apperard at her side sniffing the air as he got closer to her. Thoughts of passion and carnal thoughts plauged her mind. She watched as the wolves eyes turn black signaling his body was taken by lust. She quickly stood up afraid of the wolf before her. The fire spread through her spine as she tried to stand tall, ready to defend her self. The sound of twing breaking cracked through the air. She turned quickly  to see tons more wolves behind her staring at her the same way. She took in a deep breath trying to clear her mind. It was then that she smelt it. THe thick overwhelming smell of arousal clung to the fresh air. It was so powerefull it almost knock erd her back off her feet. A hungry lust filled growl ruptured through the slience. In that moment she realized that smell was emiting form her own body. SHe quickly shifted into her white wolf and ran at full speed ignoring the fire that gribbed her body and threatened to willingly give away her innocencse to any wolf close enough. She ran as fast as she could to a hidden cave deep behind a waterfall. Hoping thta the smell of the water would hide her arousal. There she stayed for three days withering in pain as the fever burnt all in its path. She had lost her mind in the fire that consumed her. AS different fantasies and hallucnations played on her mind. 

On the third day, a man stood before her. 

"Stay back she screamed"

"Shh, I'm not here to hurt you. THe Gods have sent me here to save you. They said you are destined to do great things. They sent me here. I am your mate" the man slowly walked over to her. She backed away pressing her soft supple skin into the jagged rocks of the cave. 

He rested his hands on her skin, causeing the fever to ease back a little. 

"What kind of magic is this" her voice laced with venom. She did not mean to come off so harsh but she still did not trust this man.

"THe Gods said I would be the only one to be able to ease the fire that is set into your core. You are going through a phase described as 'heat' it is when a she wolf has become a woman. Your body craves the touch of your mate. I am here to take that fire. If you are willing" he replied. At that moment the heat only intensified at the sound of his voice. Her body crumbled into a ball as she cried and begged for him to take away the pain. He slide over to her and slowly took the fire into his own hands and laced her body wiht a new trype of heat. 

"After they spent the night making love she woke up to her new found mate holding her in his strong arms. The moment with him felt like she was never really was full like she had been walking the earth as a half until now. 

"This was the first mate bond ever created. Months past as well as her belly as a life was growing inside of her. 


"The fever started slow. I felt it creep slowly up my spine as I stared into his dark eyes. My body trembled, my fingers tingled while my heart beat sped up. The heat made its way up my spine and like a heater it filled my entire body. I felt it sweep through me while my cheeks flushed with the sultriness that had not originally belonged to me. I moaned internally, begging for his touch, for his closeness. I opened my mouth and the voice that once was mine was plagued by the very sin that caused my body to fill with such heat, such desire such hunger. My voice came out husky filled with passion and vehemence. He shifted in his spot. Unsure of what he should do. He knew this wasn't me. This wasn't the girl he loved, but yet a part of him had always wished for this type of desire, this type of need. It shook him to his very core to see the love of his life display herself like this. I seductively walked towards him and with one touch of my sinful fingers, he himself was sold to Lust. The heat radiated through his own body, his soul tried to stop whatever it was that was happening but it couldn't be stopped if thats what the soul, truly desired deep inside. "

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