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You got home from work and ran upstairs to get changed. You walked in your room and saw Prince on the bed with only his draws on. You jumped then smiled.

You- Prince! you scared me, not cool

Prince gets up and hugs you, he starts to kiss your neck and in between kisses he said 'i'm....sorry....baby'

You moan while you rotate your head in enjoyment. Prince then goes to unbutton your shirt. Then he picks you up and wraps your legs round his waist, you both collapse on to the bed. He takes off your pants then kisses you on your lips, that then turns into a make out session. He explores your mouth with his tongue. He then kisses you down to your draws and with his teeth, he slips them off. He starts to finger you.

Prince- Say my name

You- you must be mad, i aint giving up this easy

Prince- suit yourself

He then starts licking you out, then eating you out. You grab the sheets holding on for dear lord. You arch your back, then Prince started laughing. He nibbled on your 'kitty' (lol) and you grab on to his curls. You try your hardest not to say his name, so far it's working very effectively. He then starts to get angry and sticks 'nando' right into you, almost ripping your area.


Prince- mmm say it

He thrusts in and out of you, almost every other thrust going in far.


He gets even angrier and goes hard and fast

You- *loud moan*

Prince- SAY IT!!!

He then thrusts really far up, you arch your back and scream


Prince- wait what? that ain't my name?


Prince- ahhh there it is.

You- baby imma cum!

Prince- hol' up lemme get to it!

You- *cums*

Prince then swallows your juices then you both get a shower