•Chapter One•

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Chapter One•
"It will be okay"
Here Lays Beauty.

"Shh, it will be okay." Her bestfriend tries to tell her.

She couldn't hear her, she was dead. Her bestfriend died. She wants to be there for her. But she can't, she tries so hard.


She could hear the wind blow in her ears.


"Why does she have to be dead?" She cries. She cuts her wrist. Tears fall down to her wrist. "I'm sorry." She whimpers. "I'm so sorry." She stands up and walks away. She wipes her tears and walks downstairs. She walks outside.

"Everything will be okay." She mumbles. Her ghost starts to fade away.

"Here lays beauty."

A/N: People have been cyber-bullied. I was one of those victims. We need to stop. Many people around the world had cried because of this. They lost many things in their lives, maybe.

Then there's friends, some friends can't trust their own friends. Then they take advantage over them. It's stupid seeing other people getting hurt. Just think for once... before you actually say something. Society today is stupid. Words are tearing people apart, self-harm is the most common death. More people die from self-harm. Can we just be a good environment?

Think be for you speak.

Stop bullying. And stand up.

"She paints a canvas. But this story has a twist, her canvas is wrist and the  paintbrush is the razor."

We may not see what we are doing go other people.
Self-consciousness. Self-harm. Eating disorders. Insecurities. Any kind of abuse.

We have our flaws. We just need to stop the bullying.

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