14 next day

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Al's cell vibrated.

"Green here."

"Yes. Good morning Doctor."

"What is it?" Josie mouthed.

Al raised his finger indicating for her to wait.

"Great! Thanks. I'll wait for it."

Al ended the call, looked at Josie over plates of bacon and eggs and strong black coffee and toast. Restaurant breakfast well deserved and absolutely necessary....

"That was the coroner. He's emailing his findings on the knife wound."

"Great!" Josie smiled big and dug into her food heartily, excited that they were getting somewhere.

Over their second cup of coffee Al's email chimed.

"Here's the report." Putting his cup down and picking up his phone.

Tapping the screen several times he reached the email.

Reading to himself quickly his countenance fell. Deflated he handed Josie the phone.

She started reading the message.

She looked at Al with empathy.

"Sorry." She said from the heart.

Al was furious! He stood, tossed a couple of bills on the table and headed for the door of the eatery.

"Let's go pick up her husband."

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