13 frustration

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The three looked one to the other with pure frustration.

This wasn't helping Al's blood pressure.

"We are no further ahead."

The coroner moved to the foot of the deceased and picked up a metal clipboard with a cover.

He flipped it open.

"Look at this." He pointed to something that he discovered.

"Are you sure?" Al asked eyebrows knotted.

"Come and see for yourself."

He threw the clipboard hard onto the woman's legs. Al winced. The doctor smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

"She can't feel a thing."

"I keep forgetting that." Al confessed.

The coroner led the two detectives over to a side counter with several microscopes lined up side by side.

The coroner pointed to the one in question.

Al leaned in to have a look. Eyes widened. He stepped back and motioned to Josie to take a look.

She too was astonished.

Al took a deep breath and emptied his lungs.

Looking from one to the other he said,

"We better keep this between us for now."

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