12 coroner

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"I can't believe this!" Al's blood pressure was rising.

He, Josie and the coroner leaning over a surgical steel cutting table examining bits of half digested paper.

"They've almost disintegrated." Josie observed.

"Some pieces completely decomposed." The coroner added.

He was spreading out the little pieces and fitting them together like a puzzle.

"Stomach acid is so potent ...if you were to put a drop of it on the back of your hand it would burn a hole through your skin."

"So that's why some of the small pieces decomposed already." Al added.


Carefully with very fine tweezers the coroner tried to uncrumple the bits of balled up paper.

"She had to break them up to be able to swallow them." Stated the doctor.

"How long before she died did she swallow them?"

"Not more than a couple of hours." He answered flatly.

As he worked at the puzzle the words began to take shape.

IF I.....

....AM FOUND...


.........KILLED ME.....

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