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***Peresphone p.o.v

I smirked my big brother has a younger mate hahaha so funny, as we walked out the gym Anthony at my side glaring at any guy who looked at me for longer than a glance, I sighed my grandad left and we had to leave campus to get all of our stuff packe and grabb a room, apparently if you have a mate you share a room and if not you share a room with a friend or family of the same gender, but I wasn't ready yet to claim Anthony and from what I'm getting from him is The attitude that I'm not leaving his sight for anything,

"Persy," my brother Harry snapped his fingers in my face, "we gotta go home mom's throwing a tantrum and we need to help dad," he added I sighed and walked with them when I felt a hand grabb my arm, his eyes bore into mine his eyes changes to an onyx black color I shuddered

"I need to speak to your father," my eyes widened my brothers laughed

"Oh Goddess, Peresy dad's gonna bite his head off," I glared at my brothers when Liam came towards us with his mate in his arms and the way he was looking at her she'a gonna stay in his arms, I smiled at her and she smiled back she looked really familiar her sleek brown hair cut to mid back her doe like eyes framed by curly eyelashes then it came, Melanie I think she was in my shifting class, her wolf was honey brown with blond ears yeah Melanie she was a good kid and she was a year younger than me. I walked over to her and hugged her

"Welcome to the crazy family, Little Luna," and I bowed my head her eyes widened she looked towards my brother and he smiled lovingly at her

"This is my sister Peresphone, and my brothers Harry, and Zack, bro's and princess," I smirked "this is my Lil mate and your future Luna!" He said proudly I smiled at them and and I felt eyes boring into my neck.

***Anthony p.o.v

My mate was smiling softly at her brother and his little mate, I smiled at my mate she was so perfect and so sweet I could see that the girl was scared and my little princess just went up and hugged her like she was an old friend, but how I wish she would let me mark her and that's why I was going to speak to her father and explain to him somethings, and the first if that would be to check he room before she sleeps, I did not like that I found her in another man'a arms holding her like I'm suppose to. Just the thought makes me go crazy and my demonic side wants out to kill that mangy pup. But I did get a good kiss from it my lips still tingled and I wanted more from her. I just wanted her, just her.

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