Untitled Part 1

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You Are

Great in Strength My Battle Scars

Because of you I won

I just want to thank you.

I sit here meddling through my thoughts

Trying to figure out where to begin

Looking back at all these filled pages and reflecting on where I had been,

Vulnerable I was sitting on my bedroom floor

Blinds close, mind blank

Slowly I sank

Consumed by the anger,

Filled with hate

Covered by fear

No love could be found in this hole of deep despair

Many attempts at escape,

Tried to regain my composure and shape

But still I continued to fall,

Deeper and Deeper

No streak of light in this black pool

No night sky with a twinkling star

One foot on the nearest rock, all my pressure in my heels

I push up and fall right back to my ideal

I cry for help to anyone up above

The only sounds I hear are the hustling feet on top

I just could not understand

Why couldn't anyone lend a helping hand?

The darkness became thicker

I became comfortable in its great embrace

My Screams seemed to get smaller day by day

Not intelligent enough

You're so weak

I covered my ears to get rid of the voice, but took everything in

I'm contaminated

It filled my lungs

Spread all over my tongue

I was drawn farther and farther every time the words touched,

Inhaled toxins

I was boxed in

In black I stood,

Zero streaks in the night sky,



No sighting of the moon

Strung out on black fuels

I finally cry out to you.

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