10 drink

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"I need a drink. A stiff one."

"I'm buying." Josie announced.

Not fifteen minutes later Al was watching the ice dancing in his double bourbon.

He rubbed the back of his neck slowly shaking his head.

"None of this makes sense." He confessed.

"I'm with ya!" Josie showing solidarity.

"We have almost nothing to go on but my gut's telling me something."


"Can't tell you right now. I'm still ruminating."

"Whoa....ruminating? That there's a pretty big word for a cop." She laughed teasing him.

Pretending to be offended. "I've got a thesaurus."

"Another big word. What are you doing off duty? Reading?" She mocked.

"Green here!" Answering his cell phone.

Jumping out of his seat......

"We'll be right there."

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