Chapter 1 - Sticky Situation

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Airell's POV


And number 19, Airell Carter takes the lead.

I heard the announcer said.

I was almost at the finish line now when suddenly, my iphone rang.

"Airell! Where the heck are you?!" the sound of my Dad's voice made me miss him.

I've been away from home for a week now.

She's getting closer. Closer. And boom! For her fifth championship cup, Airell Carter wins the race! Followed by number 16, David Munsch ....

"Was that an announcer? Airell, are you joining another race?!" his voice was louder now.

"Uhm, yes Dad. And, actually, I won," I said as I got out of my car and waved at the crowd.

"Have you lost your mind? I already told you that I don't want you joining those car races!" he said.

"Come on, Dad. This is my fifth championship cup! I really worked hard for this," I tried to explain.

"Where are you?! Tell me now!" oh boy, he's really mad.

"I'm in Italy.," I told him as I saw a group of reporters coming towards me, "I gotta go, Dad. I'll call you later after my victory when I arrive home, okay? Don't worry too much. I'm a big girl now. Love you," I said as I hung up, just in time as the reporters huddled around me, shoving their microphones.

Geez, this is what I hate after the race. After all my races, I try to hide from this reporters, but sad to say, they caught me.

"Miss Airell, what can you say about your fifth win?" one reporter asked.

"Can you tell us the secret to your success?" another inquired.

"Is it true that your father doesn't totally agree about you joining races?" a reporter with a very short skirt asked.

"What can you say that you've won instead of David Munsch?" a gay reporter asked. Obviously looking for gossip.

"I'll answer that for her," I heard a husky voice answer.

When I turned, I saw a guy 6'5 in height. His blond hair looked messy. I guess it's because of the helmet. He has a very musculine body that showed his Italian features. He is a very famous racer after all. And a playboy racer that is. Any girl looking at him would be drooling. Well, except me.

"Yes, David? What can you say about it?" the gay reporter asked again, batting his/her eyelashes. Obviously flirting.


"All I can say is that, it was pure luck that Miss Carter won. I just gave her the chance to win, because, as you can see, she's a lady," he looked at me with a smile.

I just rolled my eyes.

"And, I have been dying to see the features of this fine young lady. Haven't you noticed? She doesn't take off her helmet in front of the crowd?" he said.

Every reporter, everyone around us agreed with a few murmurs and whispers.

I should've known! He just wants to know how I look like. Everybody does.


Since, it's my fifth race, better excite them for a little bit.

I slowly took off my silver helmet.

Off course, with a little flip of the hair, and a little smile effect to make it look great.

I must've made quite a scene because when I look at them, they were awestruck.

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