9 gold bars?

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Now the detectives are certain of her mental stability.

They looked at each other sending the same message.....let's just take this crazy old lady as far as we can.

Josie, "Why do you think he had.....gold bars.....in his suitcase?"


"All right.....suitcases. How many were there? Can you remember?" Now talking to her like she is fragile.

She shrugged her shoulders, "Four or five. But I am sure there were many more. He probably snuck away in the night."

"Okaaay." Al was behaving condescendingly now. "Why on earth would you think they were full of .......gold bars?" Trying very hard to hide his sarcasm.

"Well.....because they were heavy. He had to carry them with both hands." She started. Then as an after thought, "He struggled to lift them into the trunk of the car."

"I see."

'Oh brother, we don't got gold bars, we've got a nut bar here'....he thought.

"He was in a hurry and getting mad at the suitcases. He had to leave quickly before Mrs. Mac got back." The elderly lady continued.

Josie's turn. "Did she come back?"

"Ohhhh yes. Right after he left. She flew around the corner and up the driveway like a mad thing."

Al and Josie looked at each other again.

"Well..... I don't want to be rude but my Henry will be home soon and I should start dinner."

"Of course." Josie stated as they both got up and went towards the door.

Josie helped by carrying the tray to the kitchen.

When she met Al again he was looking at her but tapping the glass of a picture hanging on the wall.

Josie approached.

There as bold as brass was a full military funeral of one..... Henry Wadsworth.

"Okay Mrs. Wadsworth, we'll be going now." Al said gently.

"All right my dears. Be sure to come again. I'll take the Watchtower and Awake from you the next time."

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