8 gone

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"Was Mrs. MacMillan at home, do you happen to know?" Josie asked nonchalantly.

"Well....normally I would not be able to answer that question...but I just so happened to be wiping my front window and saw Mrs. Mac coming out of the house agitated, hurried to her car and sped off. They had been arguing."

This was taking too long. Al was a "no nonsense" kinda guy.

Exasperated... "How do you know that?"

"Well ......sometimes people leave their drapes open."

She smiled like that cat that ate the canary.

Josie, the feminine touch, like they were 13 year old girlfriends asked,
"Ohhhhhhh really? What did you see?"

"Lots of shouting and arms flying. Then he grabbed her and slapped her across the face."

Her frail hands flew up to cover half her face and eyes filled with tears as though she were seeing it that moment.

"She ran out of the house and left."

She calmed down returning her wrinkled arthritic hands to their resting place in her lap.

"Soon after that Mr. Mac left with those suitcases ..........full of gold bars."

"WHAT?!" Again in unison.

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