Chapter 4

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Lauren's POV

I find it cute how Helen has a small crush on my brother. It's cute, but she better not get in the way of Thor and Jane's relationship.

Now, all of us are at the party that Tony said we just had to have. I can disagree. It's a little tough; me not being able to show my affection for Steve in public or in front of the team. But, hey, we love each other. That's what counts the most.Tony invited some World Ward 2 veterans for Steve. I have to admit, that was nice of him.

" Come on, boys. You're getting beat by a girl, here", I say to Steve and Sam as the three of us are playing pool.

" You're cheating. She's got to be cheating. You know, she has powers", Sam says.

" It's not my fault you two suck", I say.

" Yeah, but you swallow", Steve whispers in my ear, causing me to hide a blush.

" Well, {clears throat} I'm going to go over to Nat. Now you boys behave, okay?", I ask.

" Yes, ma'am", They says, stomp their feet on the ground and salute me.

" Hey, Lauren", Nat says as she brings me into a hug.

" And hello to you, too, Natalia", I say, pulling back, " You just had to get hit again didn't you, Clinton".

" Okay, what is with you and full names? Anyway, I have a proposition for you", Clint says.

" Listening", I say.

" I'll give you $20 if you go over there, and make out with that guy", He says, pointing to a fairly handsome man.

" I-I uh...", I trail.

" Come on, just do it. I mean, it's not like you have a boyfriend or anything. Do you?", Nat asks.

Wait, wha-- ohhhhhh. I see what they're doing.

" No, I do not. Prepare to loose 20 dollars, bird boy", I say, walking over to the man.

I tap him on his shoulder, causing him to turn around. He smiles, but I grab a fist full of his shirt and crash my lips onto his. Ew, ew, ew, this is so gross. Just as he was about to get handsy, I push him off of me.

" You do not remember any of this", I say, looking into his eyes, my own flashing gold as I compel him to forget that I kissed him.

I then walk back over to Nat and Clint, earning a $20 bill from Clint.

" Well, you were right, you don't have a boyfriend. Because if you did, you would've never done that. You're loyal", Nat says.

Is she seriously trying to guilt me into admitting that I have a boyfriend?! Because it's only sort of working. I look over to Steve, whose jaw is clenched. Just as I was about to walk over to him, he turns around and walks up the stairs with Sam, making me sigh.

" You alright, Lo?", Clint asks.

" Uh, yeah. I'm fine", I say with a fake smile.


"What the hell was that?!", Steve hisses, dragging me into the bathroom.

" What was what?", I ask, innocently.

" You know damn well what I'm talking about", He says, his grip on me tightening as he pins me up against a wall.

" Oh, you mean when I kissed that guy? There's nothing to be jealous of, Captain", I say, whispering the last part in his ear because I know it drives him crazy.

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