Chapter 11

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Well, i am in trouble.

"Peeta" i say "Gale's back." i try to smile. I know Peeta is not glad to see him righ now, but i don't care. He has nothing to be worried about. No matter what was between me and Gale, it was never real and to be honest, it was never a thing. He is just my friend, my old friend. Watching him standing in front of me, makes me really happy.

"I see" he says as they shake hands.

"Oh, you are together, right?" Gale says smiling.

"Yeah" i say, blushing. "We are a couple now." Saying "couple" makes me a little nervious.

"Oh, come on, you always were a couple. How are you guys? Life is a little weird now, right?"

"More like better." Peeta answers.

"I am not here for a long time, it's a work stuff, i'll stay just a few days. I'll go now and see you later." Gale seems a little sad or confused or melancholic... Maybe he remembered the days we were spending in the woods...

On the way back home, Peeta says nothing. I don't like how he reacted to Gale's return.

"Listen Peeta, what's happening to you? Are you going to stay silent all day?" i am a little irritated.

"No" he does not look at me. "I'll come back at evening." he turns to another direction and leaves me standing there like a little child. Oh God, what's happened to him? Is he jealous?

I return to home and wait until Peeta arrives. He comes back in 2 hours. The sun is already resting on the horizon, coloring the sky with weird rose-red-orange colors. It's his favorite one.

"Peeta, why do you act so differently?" i ask him.

"I do nothing differently" he answers a little coldy.

"Are you mad at me?" i start being nervous.

"I am not mad. I jusy did not like how you hugged Gale." he says firmly.

"Seriously? Don't you see how he is changed, don't you see that he is just my friend? You know, people hug their friends sometimes, it's not a big deal."

"You know, people get jealous sometimes" he is angry, but he has no reason to be angry right now.

"You have nothing to be jealous of!" i almost scream.

"Oh really, why were you so nervous and anxious when you said we were a couple? Does it make you feel uncomfortabe being with me?"

Oh God, i am so mad about him right now!

"It was because i never said it out loud, when it's a real thing, not games for the Capitol. Don't you know that i love you more than anything on the entire world?"

He relaxes a little.

"You do?" he asks with a voice i can't resist. "You love me, Real or not Real?"

I touch his face, and kiss his cheek gently, then whisper into his ear: "Real."

He smiles and kisses me. His lips on mine feels like everything. I'll never be able to stay mad at him as long as he is able to use them against me like this. After a long kiss, Peeta starts talking.

"Sorry for getting angry and jealous, i just... don't know... i just lost control."

"That's okay, we all loss control sometimes." i tell him, i want him to be relaxed "look at the sky, look how beautiful it is, it's your favourite color." Peeta looks out of the window.

"It's really beautiful" he says "but it will never be as beautiful as you." my heart starts hammering on my chest, i blush, he is so cute and so good. I kiss him one more time, i want to feel him every time, i want to know that he loves me, i want to know he will never leave me.

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