Chapter 10

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It's been already 1 week we are together and i can swear I've never been happier in my life. My happiness would be whole if Prim was alive... I had not really deep nightmares these days, but i feel the one and great is coming soon. Everything is just fine, we continue swimming and cooking lessons...Peeta is opening his art gallery, but he is complaining about not having an inspiration to paint some more.

"Katniss please! we can do this, it will be fun too, we'll see our old friends and maybe i'll find an inspiration too" he begs.

"No Peeta, not now please, i can't do it right now, just give me time, okay?" Peeta wants us to go on a Districts trip, i don't know why he decided it, but i can't do it right now, i can't renew my wounds with memories.

"Okay, okay, you won, but i won't give you many time, i really want to go on this trip." he says kissing me.

"what are our plans today?"

"except kissing until our lips hurt?" he says with a sexy grin. I lick my lips, teasing him, i know he goes crazy when i do this. It works now too, he groans and holds my face, watching me with his eyes totally dark, they are like oceans at nigh. And he kisses me wildly and passionately, i love when he is so possessive.

"stop" i say smiling "it's too much, i'll go buy some groceries"

"seriously? it's like the most inappropriate time for freaking groceries"

"Oh, really? if we could, we'd stay all day in bed, kissing and cuddling, it's great, but i need some air"

"okay, do you want me to come with you?"

"no, i'll be fine, go to your gallery stuff" i say smiling.

I bought some groceries, walked a little and came back to home, Peeta is not back yet, i have nothing to do, so i'll go to the woods, it's been a while i had not hunt anything. I put on my father's jacket, boots and go to the woods.

I feel so good, the sun is hiding behind the leaves, it's so quiet there, i aim one bird, sitting on the top of the tree, it's so tiny, i don't want to kill it, so i leave it here and go further in the woods. There's a big deer drinking water on the small river, i try to focus, aim it and...

"You are still hunting, Catnip?" a male voice scares the deer and it runs away. I turn around to see Gale standing in front of me. I freeze, i can't believe he is back.

"Gale... you're back..."

"Yeah, i came to see you..." he says and hugs me. I hug him back, I missed my old friend.

"Did i miss anything?" I immediately back away, Peeta is watching me angrily.

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