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I got myself off the floor as quickly as I could and took a firm stand against Abigail, there's no doubt that if I have any hope of getting out of here alive, then I have to face her and, of course, win. I looked around and saw that Victoria was laying on the floor, I ran to her and checked her pulse.

"Thank God", I muttered to myself, she was only unconscious. Abigail must have probably attacked her from behind before getting to me, my 'connection' with the key making me oblivious to her the whole time.

"So, are you gonna strike the first blow or shall I?", she asked.

"Ladies first", I replied with a smile I don't even know where it came from- Please God, don't let it be that Trichloris is rubbing off on me. That's worse than death, believe me.

Without wasting any second, Abigail sent an heavy blue light whooshing at me and it was only by luck I got out of the way in time.

Strange, I thought to myself. I was meaning to deflect it but I didn't feel the energy I needed to accomplish that. While I was still thinking, she sent three balls of fire at me and it was only when they were a few feet away that I felt the heat and rolled out of the way. Something is definitely wrong and I have a feeling that it's connected to what Trichloris did to me earlier before I was chained.

Abigail used my distraction to her advantage again and sent me hitting the wall with a super hurting blast of air- Thank God it's not fire or I'd be burnt toast right now for sure.

"Trichloris really did a number on you, didn't he?", she asked with a large smirk on her face, "I would have loved to let you recover before destroying you but my revenge can't wait". She raised her hands and I saw little lightening sparks start to form in them, she was so going to burn me to death. I searched frantically around for anything to help myself with before my hand came to rest on Breather- I'm very stupid, I had the sword with me the whole time and I didn't even remember.

Quickly, I pulled it out but Abigail sent it flying out of my hands before I had the chance to use it- Oh come on, no fair!

"Brave but futile, Troy", she said as she prepared to strike me with, no doubt now, the last blow of my life, "This revenge is mine".

"I don't think so", replied Victoria out of nowhere and sent Abigail flying backwards with a powerful blast of purple light.

"What happened?", she asked as she ran to stand between Abigail and I.

"I forgot to mention that Trichloris had done something to me and now I can't access my magic".

"Is it permanent?", she asked, crouching by me and I saw worry crease all over her face.

"I don't know but I don't think so either", I replied, "Trichloris wants me on his side and I'm very sure that plan will be pretty useless without my magic". Abigail choosed that moment to attack again but Victoria quickly made a shield round us and the spell only rebounded away.

"Go get the key", she said, "I'll take care of Abigail". On other days, I would have definitely said no but no magic means I don't get to decide anymore.

"Oh, I see there's a change in opponent", said Abigail when she saw Vic stand against her, "At least it will give me the chance to destroy the both of you in one swift strike". I didn't fully comprehend what she meant until I saw about twelve different war weapons appear out of thin air. My breath ceased at the sight of all those weapons, that is, until Vic conjured almost the same number of weapons out of thin air too- I keep forgetting what that girl is capable of. Silly me, huh?

"You wanna play. Let's play", Vic said before moving her weapons for the attack, this is no time to be gentle.

As the two women battled, I raced for the key. I tried to will it to myself but my magic was still weak and all it did was shake in response. I know that time is of the essence and if my magic isn't active, then I have to get around this like a normal everyday person. I looked around and saw Breather on the floor and an idea came to me.

Quickly, I ran for it, narrowly dodging an axe on the way and ran back to the wall with the sword in hand. I dug the sword into the wall and saw it enter as if the latter's a big chunk of cake, works for me. I continued digging the sword into the wall, creating hand and footholds for myself as I dragged myself upwards. I reached the key and like the hero I think I am right now, I slid it out of the wall and into my pocket, mission accomplished.

I looked down and saw just how up I was, very. In truth, that wasn't what caught my attention but the two women fighting. Most of their weapons are now broken and Abigail's bleeding from a few places, which means it's time for a little payback.

"Victoria, get out of the way!", I shouted as I released myself from the wall and came crashing to the ground. Vic turned and I saw her eyes widen in fear at what I'd done but got out of the way just the same. Abigail, on the other hand, could only watch dumbstruck as I came down. Praying to all the Saints above, I raised my sword and plunged it into the ground just as I landed. Immediately, a green light pushed through the ground and the entire section under Abigail collapsed, just as I intended. She was still transfixed by what she had just seen and so, didn't have the time to react as she fell through the hole.

There was a long scream as she fell, followed by a loud thud as she probably hit the bottom and still followed by a few clatter as the weapons landed after her and finally silence, only silence.

"Do you think she's dead?", Victoria whispered to me as if the entire ground would cave in if she spoke out loud.

"I don't know", I replied, "But I really wish she is".

We rushed out of the room but no sooner had we come out that the others came rushing towards us.

"Do you have the key?", asked Francesca as they got to us and I nodded affirmative.

"Then let's get the hell out of here", said Oliver but before I could ask why, Kendra had already propelled me into a run. We ran into a hall and only then did I see what had been so powerful as to make the others run, The scythe, a group of outlawed wizards that practised nothing but death spells.

Seeing that we were firmly surrounded, Trichloris strode to the front of the wizards- Of course, there's no other person in this world that could be heartless enough to involve 'killer' wizards.

He had a smug smile on his face and I knew this was another of his well thought plans, "Nowhere to run to now, or is there?"

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