♚ Chapter 16♚

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I wonder what it is.

Usually, if a glass box is hidden inside a heavily guarded room then it must have been very valuable treasure. It's even glowing!

But why was I taken here?

I roam my eyes around the area hoping I could find Mr. Alastair, but there is no sign of him. It's not like he can hide his gigantic figure here. There's nothing inside except the glass box in the middle of the room.

I frowned. Where is he?

I walk further inside and decided to approach the box in the middle of the room. The temperature of the room seems to go down the more I walk in. It's so cold and the dress that I'm wearing doesn't help. When I was only a few feet away from it, my eyes rounded at the sight. I saw a ring with a familiar looking stone that I have seen yesterday.

It was the Blue Gemstone we're looking for!

The only difference is, the stone is bluer and it's even glowing! Like there's something alive moving inside like a magic sphere.

It was enthralling. I wanted to touch it.

My hands made it's way towards the glass box. When I was about to remove the cover, I heard somebody clap his hands.

I got startled and immediately retract my hands like it was burnt and place it on my chest.

'What was I doing?' I asked myself. I'm not even sure why I did that. It's like I'm in a trance. If it wasn't for the person who's clapping, I would've removed the glass covering already.

"It's so amusing." Said the familiar voice of the intruder. I turn towards his direction and saw Mr. Alastair standing not far from the door.

I look at him like he has grown another head. I have no idea what he's talking about.

"It's no secret that that piece of jewelry is valuable. The white gold ring band is just an added bonus. The real treasure is the blue stone attached. Just by looking the way it glow, you'll even think it was magical." He said with a chuckle. "To be honest, I can't even believe it myself. I've owned that ring for a few years now and it's the first time it glowed."

"What are you trying to say? Why are you telling me this?" 

Instead of answering my question, he approach the glass box. " My grandfather gave me this ring before he died. He told me that someday, the owner of this ring will come and take it." He said while looking at the ring. He's now standing just a few feet away from me.

He presses something on top of the glass and it suddenly open. He takes the ring out and faces me.

"And I believe that you, my lady, is the owner that he's talking about." He said and hand me the ring. Just like that!

"Why are you giving me this?" I asked gaping at the ring in front of me.

Saying that I'm shock is an understatement. We've been sneaking around inside his mansion because we're planning on stealing this ring! I can't believe that if we just ask him this, he'll give it to us without breaking a sweat.

"It's because it was truly yours to keep, my liege." He said and he kneel in front of me just like a royal servant will do.

"Woah mister. What are you doing? And why are you calling me 'my liege'?  And hey, will you please stand." I said trying to make him stand but he don't even budge. He remained in his spot kneeling right in front of me while holding the ring. This scene is so awkward. He even looks like he's proposing to me! I don't even know how everything escalate this quickly. Just a few minutes earlier, he had his men pointed their guns at me, but now he's addressing me like he's a loyal servant!

"My grandfather who previously in possession of this ring is a loyal servant of the house of Romanovs."

When he said Romanovs that really caught my attention. It made me break a cold sweat. He's with them!

He didn't noticed my inner turmoil so he continued speaking. "He said that only a descendant and the true heirs will make it glow like that. At first, I doubt that this ring will glow like he said it would. Just by telling you that make it even sound absurd but I don't think my grandfather is crazy so I did a test. I once brought it in a Royal gathering in Atlantria but it never glowed in the presence of the king and queen."

I froze. I'm pretty sure my distress is now obvious because Mr. Alastair stops speaking. He seems to notice it this time.

"Are you alright?" He asked. He looks worried.

"You...you're with the royal family?" I asked slowly taking a step away from him. I'm afraid that he might inform my parents about my whereabouts and force me to return in our country.

"Yes and no." He said making me look at him in confusion.

"I'm with the royal family only if that person proved his or her worth. The current royal family is not my liege." He said bitterly and finally standing up.

I frown at his statement. He's talking about my parents so how come he's not?

"You're confusing me. How come you're not with them? You clearly stated you're a loyal servant of the house of Romanov." I know I should be happy that somehow he's not with my parents but his statement really made me confused. It's contradicting.

When he's about to reply, we heard a loud explosion outside the door.

"What's happening?"

"I'm not even sure my lady. This place should be heavily guarded against intruders."

Suddenly, somebody breaks the door open. The light coming from outside is blinding but I noticed that there's a figure leaning on the door.

"Sir...we've been..." I heard a familiar voice. It was the man earlier. By the looks of it, he's struggling to finish his sentence. "...wiped out," He finished as he collapsed on the floor.

The moment he hit the floor, a figure behind him caught my attention. The hairs on my body are standing like I can feel his murdering intent. I waited for my eyes to adjust to the light and finally saw the intruder they were talking about. He seems unharmed despite of the blood splatters on his coat. When my eyes landed on his face,  my breath hitches. 

He's looking at Mr. Alastair with a straight face but I can feel his anger.  

He seems to notice my existence inside the room so his eyes landed on me. His facial expression suddenly change to relief but he put up his straight face back immediately and stared at the man beside me. It was only for a second but I noticed it. 

I suddenly heard a clap beside me. "What a fantastic entrance! I didn't even expect this grand entrance from you. It's so unlike you... don't you even think so Mr. Montblac?" 

 End of Chapter 16 

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