"There, maybe now you'll feel more at home. I figure a slut like you doesn't feel right unless she wet and sticky." Lexi taunted, dropping her cup to the floor. The pop had soaked through Alice's sweater and shirt, and was dripping out of her hair. Ace had to push down the urge to jump to her feet and scratch the little bit**'s eyes out. Instead she wiped as much of the pop off as she could and wrung a little out of her sweater.

Then she smiled at Lexi like nothing had happened. "You're the expert slut, you tell me." she retorted finally, smiling sweetly. "Or are you going to claim that you haven't worked your way through all the guys in your group already?" she guessed. From the stunned look on people's faces, she'd guessed right.

"You're disgusting. You don't belong in my school. You should just leave before you get chased out." Lexi hissed, beautiful face turning ugly in her hate.

"What's going on here?" Mr. Bottomswell demanded from the cafeteria doorway.

"Lexi here thought I was too hot and kindly tried to cool me down." Alice spoke up, catching everyone off guard. Maybe if she didn't get the little idiot in trouble they'd leave her alone.

"Don't ****ing help me. I'm better than you. Remember that." Lexi hissed again. "I tripped sir, I didn't mean to." she said outloud.

"Then I think it's only fair that you clean it up." The principal stated, not believing her. Lexi threw Alice a death glare and stomped over to the principal, movements angry as she grabbed a mop and started to get the pop off of the floor. "Alice, I'll write you a note explaining why you'll be out of uniform, go ahead and change into your gym clothes." Mr. Bottomswell offered. Alice grabbed the note and calmly walked out of the cafeteria, head held high. Inside she was shaking, a mix of anger, hurt and sardonic laughter. She'd known it would be bad once the others found out, she had just thought that maybe it would have taken longer. Maybe it was better this way, she reasoned. They'll get it out of their system and then leave me alone. Alice used the change room showers to rinse off and then pulled on her gym clothes. Because her phys. ed. was dance, her gym clothes were a dance body suit and sweat pants, which she pulled on as the end of lunch bell rang. She ran to the performance hall and arrived on time, if barely. With the teacher watching the dancers so closely, Lexi and her hoard couldn't harass Alice and so it ended up being the best class of the day. None of the dancers would talk to her, all of them went out of their way to shove her aside and align themselves with Miss Popular, but they also had to focus on the teacher. Alice stayed at the back and worked on her choreography, finally catching the last steps of the dance. This wasn't the big piece they were working on for 'the Gala', but it was practice and she was now determined to win the teachers over, even if the student body was a bunch of assholes. The final bell rang and everyone ran off in excitement. Alice deliberately lingered near the teacher so that Lexi couldn't corner her again and finally she was left alone.

When she made it back to her locker, Alice was tired and knew she still had to face Malcolm. Mr. Vega. God this was just going to get worse. He was the only person in the school who had every right to be disgusted by and furious with her. She'd known her age when she'd danced, and worse, when she'd kissed him. She'd known how wrong it was to give him the lapdance, and yet she'd done it anyways.

"Do you really think coming late to detention is going to make this any easier for you?" Mr. Vega demanded, voice cold. Alice looked up from her locker, startled to find him standing there.

"No sir. Was just seeing if my uniform was dry yet." she replied dully and closed the locker. His eyes flicked to words carved into the front of it. WHORE had a few friends now, like TRAMP, SLUT and a hilariously misspelled Syphillis junkie. He blinked at seeing the abuse and looked back at Alice, a little less coldly furious.

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