Chapter 1

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We have just surfaced and is reaching an island. It's a summer island and looks inhabited.

We docked our submarine on the shore and came out. "Bepo, take the crewmates working under you and collect medical supplies, Shachi and Penguin take your team and get food supplies. I'll ask around and check the top of that hill just in case" I said and pointed towards the hill. "Roger!" All of the said people shouted.

Each went on their way. I asked around a bit and headed to the hill. It wasn't really that tall so I climbed up pretty fast. There were some rare herbs and mushrooms on the jungle around it. 'They'll be useful' I thought.

When I reached the top I saw a house. It looked abandoned and really old. I wonder if people still live there?

I slowly opened the door and the silence inside was broken by the creaking sound. I went inside slowly and looked around. The house seemed to be very small and only had one room. There was a rotting smell of blood and dead animals, not mentioning the suffocate heat and air inside. It was too dark to observe anything more. Even the sunlight outside didn't help, the darkness was too dark.

I took out my lighter and lit it. I looked around now that I could see properly. There was a table and chair on the left and a stone on the ground. The middle part had plenty of blood on the walls and ground. And on the right...I think that's a person?

From the hair and body size and shape I assumed it was a girl. She was sitting with her elbows on her knees and her upper arms one over the other so that her head could rest on top of it.

I walked over to her, kept my lighter inside and knelt down. I moved my right hand to touch her cheeks and then pulled her face out from her arms to look at her.

For a minute I thought she was dead but I doubt that's true as I could hear her heartbeat from the silence. But her eyes told a different story. Her face told a different story. Her soul told a different story.

Her eyes were dead. They were soulless and dead. I saw dead people have more lively eyes. And her face was emotionless.

I looked over to her body. She was wearing torn, old and ragged clothes. Nothing more than a full-sleeved top and long, skinny, buy torn jeans and she was extremely thin. What could have happened to her? She was alive but inside she was broken and dead. She had long black hair and black eyes as well with dried dark lips.

I got curious. I felt the urge that I could fix her. I could fix her broken heart somehow. I had too. Also I want to know what happened to her. Even though I was the heartless 'Surgeon of Death' I felt she needed me. I am a doctor, I save people. And she needed that most. I'm curious. And if she's useless I'll just use her for my experiments later. It'll be a waste to leave her here. And even though I hate to admit it, she's interesting at the same time...

After thinking for a while I stood up. I walked to her side and bent. I picked her up slowly, careful not to hurt her fragile body. She didn't complain to my touch and kept that gaze on me.

To be continued...

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