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freshman year
I was saying goodbye to all my friends because today was the day that I would be moving from Wichita,Kansas to San Diego,California. I said my last goodbyes to everyone except my bestfriend Jake Webber... out of all days he decided to be absent today.
I put my backpack down on the kitchen counter as I walked into my empty house,a couple Uhaul workers were taking our boxes into the truck. I ran up to my room to see it one last time and there stood Jake with a box in his hands.

"Victoria you're my bestfriend,I don't want you to go but since you are I made this box for you" he said while walking towards me.I started to tear up a bit "J-Jake" I said while giving him a hug."I know I know,but don't open it until you get to your new home" he said handing me the box "okay I promise" I said.

I stood there looking at the box I had found in the hallway closet. I thought after we moved here freshman year that I had lost it forever. A tear started rolling down my cheek as I thought of my old bestfriend. I had lost touch with everyone in Kansas because I guess life got too crazy. "Victoria you're uber is here" my younger sister said snapping me out of my thoughts.

I grabbed the box and my suitcase and ran downstairs to say goodbye to my family. "Honey, I cant believe my little girl is flying from the nest" my Dad said with tears in his eyes. "Dad I will visit" I said hugging him. "I hate the you're gonna be alone on your birthday hun" my mom said with a frown. "mom thats why we celebrated yesterday I will be fine" I said as I walked towards my siblings.

"Vic does this mean I get your room ?" my brother said. "Sadly yes but I have to hurry Alex,I love you guys" I said rushing out the door. "Uber for Victoria ?" the driver said. "yes ma'mm" I said. I buckled my seatbelt and put my airpods in.

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