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!Addison's POV!

Trouble with love?Well,I'm one to look for.

Everyone falls in love and I'm here to make that love happen.Cupid plays that role in life and,I'm Cupid in Kingston High.People look for me when they have troubles with their love life or relationships.

Unlike Cupid,I don't shoot my love arrows.I make things happen.I've made singles in my school taken.For example,my best friend,Kayla Dyme,I made her become an item with her crush since middle school,Crude Scholl.

Now,they're the perfect couple.

Enough chitchat about my role in school.Let's dive into my story...

"RRIIINNGG!"my alarm clock goes off,signalling for me to wake up.I pry my eyes open,the sunshine is flooding my room,bringing me warmth.

I sit up right on my bed and unplug my phone from the charger.I just scroll through my new messages and social media.

I've got a message from Arrissa,one of my school mate,for help with her love life.

Hey Addie!

There's a guy I like in our school called Luke and,I really,really like him.

But the problem is,he never,ever notices me.I really don't know what to do.Please help me!

-Arrissa Montez

I remember Luke.We were partners for a Science project.He was a cute guy with dirty-blonde hair and dimples.He hardly notices anyone he doesn't know.

Hey Arrissa!

Meet me in school at the entrance at 8 sharp.See ya!


And,ladies and gentleman,is what I do.Like I said,I don't shoot love arrows,I do it my way and my way,I think is the best.

I put my phone back on the bedside table and walk to my closet to find a cute outfit to wear.In the end,I chose a grey sweater and a cute white skirt.

I walked in the bathroom with my clothes and take a nice shower before brushing my teeth.As I shower,I sing.Wanna know something,I may be Cupid but,I'm a professional bathroom singer.Shocking right.

I hop out of the tub,wrap the towel tightly around me and brush my teeth.I blow dried my hair and got dressed.I walked to my vanity desk and ran a brush through my blonde hair.I love my hair as it looks like white from far but it's actually really light blonde hair.

I tie my hair into a messy bun before I put on lip gloss and eyeliner.I walked downstairs to greet both my parents and little sister,Arie.And also to eat breakfast.

"Morning Mom,Dad"I greet both my parents and peck my little sister's cheek.She was only three years of age and she was a little cutie!I sat down and dug into my breakfast.

After finishing,I went upstairs to my room to grab my bag and phone before wearing my light blue Vans,saying 'Good-bye'to my family and walking out of the door.

I walk to school every morning.My eyes will always be glued to my phone as I walk to school.I bump into someone and fall on my bum.Instead of helping me up,he starts laughing.I look up and see,the one and only,Chris Kingston.

Chris Kingston,the son of the founder Kingston High AKA my school,is every girl's dream guy.Like in storybooks,he is a heart-breaker.He doesn't do one-night-stands nor does he date,he only makes out with different girls everyday.

But although he doesn't do one-night-stands,he's not a virgin.

"Well,well,isn't it Addison Price,Cupid of the school"he said after his laughing fit.I glare at him and stand up.I shove my phone in my bag.

"You didn't have to laugh if you didn't want to help me you know"I said,dusting off the dirt.Such an ass.

"Oh Sweetheart,I do and I just did"he said smoothly and walked off,laughing.I just got burned! I angrily stormed to school.


"Hey Addie!"Arrissa shouted and waved at me.I smiled at her and walked towards her.

"Hey Arrissa,so,for your problem,just follow me"I said and walked with her at my side.We both walked to Luke and his friends.

"I'm nervous.And,do you think this is right?"She asked me.I nodded.

"Totally.I'm Cupid aren't I?"I said.She nodded.I was right,I've done this a million times and in the end,a couple would be made.

We walked over to Luke and his group of friends.

"Hey Luke"I smiled at him.He mirrored my smile and those cute dimples!

"Hi Addie"

"Oh,by the way,this is my friend Arrissa.You guys have a lot in common you know.For example,she likes playing Space Wars and she can beat your pretty little ass within a few seconds"I inform.It was true she was a really good gamer girl.

His face grew in excitement.He liked gamer girls and Arrissa was one.Bonus,Arrissa liked him.

"Tell me about yourself Arrissa"he asked her and walked off with her.I smiled and squealed.Another couple down!WOO!

"Wow,another match made by the ever famous Cupid"one of Luke's friend said.I smiled with pride at him and bowed before walking off to my locker.

I opened my locker and put all my books in.I closed it shut and there,stood Chris Kingston,leaning against the lockers.

What does he want!UGH!

!Chris' POV!

As I walked down the street to school,as my car got confiscated by my dad,I bump into this girl.She had beautiful blue-ish,green-ish eyes and the softest looking blonde hair.

I laughed at her.She glared at me and stood up.Even her glare,looked cute.She looked like a angry puppy.Too cute.I knew who she was.

"Well,well,isn't it Addison Price,Cupid of the school"I said.She glared at me again and shoved her phone in her bag before dusting off the dirt.

"You didn't have to laugh if you didn't want to help me you know"she said while dusting the dust off her.

"Oh Sweetheart,I do and I just did"I said smoothly and walked off,laughing.She looked too cute when she was mad.Who thought Cupid looked so cute.

And pretty.




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