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Camila finally went home after a few days taking care of Lauren. Lauren insist she change her clothes and take a shower because she said she stinks. She knows she need to give her family and herself some time because she had spent a lot of time together with her. Lauren promised Camila she would call her after Camila's back to Lauren's apartment. And she did

"I just took a shower babe" Camila said sitting down on the couch while smiling at Lauren's question

"Ooh a shower" Lauren said while smirking through the phone. Camila rolled her eyes

"I know what you're thinking. You have a really perverted mind, baby" Camila said

"Yet you still love me" Lauren sang out. Camila giggled and sat herself down on her couch. While she's drying her hair, Lauren had request Camila to FaceTime with her so Camila open her laptop and here they are facing one another

"You know i never really notice how you look amazing without your make up on" Lauren said complimenting the model. Camila smiles and sigh as she look at Lauren with adoration in her eyes. She just can't get the feeling out of her and for no reason, Lauren's capturing her heart even more deeper within every single second they spend together

Camila blushes and look away while she bit her lip. "Oh my God" Camila's eyes snap back to the screen in front of her. She saw Lauren's chin leaning in to her arm as she look like a sick love puppy. She has a smug look on her face but Camila see an affection on the superstar 

"Don't bite your lip. This is getting frustrating because you're not here and i can't kiss you" Lauren pouted. Camila giggled and throw her head back. Then she start to bit her lip again, earning a whine from the back of her screen 

"Babe stoppp this isn't fair" Lauren said 

"I'll be there to come and pick you up for lunch babe. You can kiss me later" Camila said 

"No i want to kiss you now. Come here now i can't wait any longer" Lauren said acting like a 5 year old again. Camila giggled 

"Okay little baby i'm ending this" Camila said then hangs up on their FaceTime.

Camila bit her lip and her eyes go up as she has her phone on her hand. This is Camila being a love sick puppy because she can't believe she and Lauren are together. Again. Which is a good thing because Camila can't help it any longer. She was about to let Lauren go and move on before Lauren agreed to take her back. Maybe Lauren feels the exact same way about the relationship. Camila grab a coffee before she went to the hospital to get Lauren checked out. Today, Lauren will be home because she recovers quickly but she still need someone accompanying her everywhere because she can't walk normally well

As Camila opens the door, she found out the girl sitting down while she have papers surrounding her bed. Camila looked at her confuse and know that the girl is writing songs. Some of them are scattered on the floor, and also a guitar beside her. She hum along to the song she wants to write, and stop to write down the chords down. As Lauren looks up, Camila opens up a small smile to her. She step away from her leaning on the wall to Lauren's bed and give her a light kiss on her forehead as she receive a small "hmm" escaping from the older girl's lips 

"What're you doing?" Camila ask trying not to know what the girl is doing 

Lauren smiles and looks down on her paper. She tap them with her pen lightly then look up again. "I'm writing songs, obviously that's what i do" Lauren sarcastically rolled her eyes 

"Can i look at them?" Lauren nods

Camila takes a bunch of paper songs Lauren had written down before. Some of them are marked with a big 'x' sign, meaning it was all wrong and Lauren didn't like it. Camila found all of them beautifully written down because she knows how much Lauren is good with words. She bet all of them would be great for her next album. "What's this song?" Camila ask 

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