Chapter 2

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Lucy's P.O.V
He has pink hair?? I can't help but stair at him In amazement and confusion he stairs back at me and I can tell he's uncomfortable " I'm sorry for chasing you and you having to catch me " I say embarrassed " nah it's fine what school you go to?" The boy asked "huh oh Fairy Tail Academy." I respond his eyes light up and somehow got bigger then they were " sweet there's this party at my friends house wanna come?" The boy asks as happy as a puppy who just received food "uhh I don't even know your name yet how should I trust you when you stole and ran from me!" I say irritatedly "ohh that's it here." He says pulling $3 dollars out of his pocket " my names Natsu,Natsu Dragneel but you can call me Natsu-Sama." He says smiling looking flirtatiously at me all I can do is blush until finally I answer " Fine I'll go." I say looking away from him off to the side."Great I'll pick you up tomorrow at 7? Sound good" he says more like a command than a question " uhh okay see you then" I stutter barley able to get the words out "Hey tell me where you live can't exactly pick you up if I don't know where " Natsu says with a smile I hate to admit it but he is cute when he smiles ugh I can feel the blush already coming to the surface" I live on celestial Ave " i say trying not to show weakness "Really that's like an hour from here you can crash at my place tonight" Natsu says getting up from where he had been sitting and extended his arm towards me I took his hand and he intertwined his fingers between mine "okay" I say looking down to the ground " aww you two look cute together" a mysterious voice says from the other side of the fence but it's to dark for me to see a face "Hey snow princess you naked again?" Natsu says teasingly it's not someone I should worry about then ." So flame brain who's your friend is she available " the voice says natsu's face changed in almost an instant he looked pissed off it was scary "Her names Lucy and no she's not available if you couldn't already tell." Natsu says I swear if looks could kill he's lucky he's out of sight "oh ok except I don't believe you prove it ." The voice walks into the light he has black midnight hair he's shirtless and has a tattoo on his chest "Really then prove it." The boy said in a more serious tone "gray I don't need to prove anything to you." Natsu says still pissed off "oh then what I'm hearing is she is available." Gray says with a smirk on his face. Natsu pulls me close to him and leans in I fell my face getting hot and I know it's already way past the color red but I don't move more like I can't Natsu is already kissing me passionately and is swirling his tongue in my mouth.I start felling the urge to do the same so close my eyes and begin doing the same as him I can feel his smile up against my checks and he starts to speed up and places his hand on my hip "ok ok I get it love birds you two are dating." Gray says and begins to walk out of the alley and onto the street . Natsu pulls away from me and licks the tip of my nose " I was enjoying that wanna continue?" He says leaning in towards me and begins all over again exploring the different areas of my mouth I was glad he didn't wait for my answer I was gonna say yes anyway I continue where I left off and explored his mouth as well. He pulls away and picks me up holding me like a bride "we will continue this at my place" he says walking towards a neighborhood with various houses then he slows down toward this one house and turn into the drive way and then kicks open a door and lays me down on a couch and walks away from me I'm all sweaty from chasing him around I think I'm gonna go take a shower if only I had a spare change of clothes .

Natsu's P.O.V
God I'm willing to thank that snow princess for once .I walk to the kitchen and grab a Coke one for her and another for me but when I walk towards the couch she's not there I begin looking for her and then I find her in the restroom undressing . Her curves are perfect her body looks so soft all she has left is a Lacey black pair of underwear hell I don't think that's enough material to even be called panties and a matching bra except the bra looks like it's doing its job those things are huge I can't help it anymore .

Lucy's P.O.V
I'm about to take off my bra so I can get inside the shower and I can feel Natsu wrap his arms around my waist and bite my neck just enough to make me moan "Not right now" I say trying to stop the moment from happening "Fine  but remember from now on your mine" he lets go of me and walks out of the restroom and goes and lays on the bed. I begin taking off the rest of my clothes to get into the bath

^*^*^*^*^*^20min later *^*^*^*^*

I just finished my shower and dried myself off . I wrap myself in a towel and it just barely fit and covered everything. I walk out of the restroom and see Natsu drinking a Coke and sitting on the bed "do you have any clothes I can wear?" I say blushing and closing my knees together "aww and here I thought you were gonna sleep in the nude" he says getting up from his bed and pulls out a shirt with a flame on it its red and long "here sorry don't got any underwear for you" he points to the restroom "just use the ones you were wearing" I start to blush and I look to the ground  "I can't there all sweaty and" I clothes my legs again and just take the shirt "And what now I'm curious" Natsu says "YOU DONT NEED TO KNOW" I yell in the bathroom blushing furiously I put on the shirt and walk out its not that long on me it stops half way between my knees and thighs what makes me more embarrassed is that I'm not wearing any panties. I start walking out and there is ... A blue cat rubbing against my leg "is it normal to have weird hair colors in this house?" I say to Natsu as I squat down to pet the cat I begins to purr and I pick him up and walk towards Natsu who looks amazed "what" I say while petting the cat "nothing it's just happy really only purrs when I pet him" he says still having that impressed look on his face "oh well I'm going to bed" I say walking towards the couch "what are you doing?" Natsu says confused "I'm sleeping on the couch" "nope your sleeping with me what type of boyfriend would I be if I let you sleep on the couch." He pulls my hand and shows me the bed "let's sleep together " Natsu says making me blush furiously we lay down in the bed and all I can think about is how this all started because he stole beef jerky and I chased him and then we kissed

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