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Tears, Hatred, and Love

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 "Congratulations Rose!!!" Alice shouted giving her a hug. "Easy easy, my baby could come any second, she needs space" Rose said with a grin. "Hey! It could be a boy" Alice said walking over to the snack table. "Well either way I'll be happy" Rose said bending down into a chair. Alice stayed over that night ready to bring her to the hospital to deliver her baby. At 2:00 a.m Rose screamed in pain "Ah! Ah! I think the baby's coming!"  "Alright alright come down let's go to the hospital" Alice said giving Rose support all the way to her car.

            They drove to the hospital and delivered Rose's baby. "It's a girl!" The nurse told her and Alice. Rose held her in her arms "Beautiful baby girl" She said to her. "I think I'll name her Lila" Rose said. And Alice just smiled. When they arrived home with the baby Alice quickly locked the doors behind them and shut the blinds on the windows. "What are you doing?" Rose asked nervously. Alice took a gun out of her pocket and pointed it at Rose. "All my life i've wanted a child, but no I couldn't find the right guy and adoption didn't work for me" Alice said coming closer. Rose stood in shock unsure of what to do just trying to protect baby Lila.

            "Give me the baby" Alice said one hand holding the gun the other reaching for Lila. "No, No, you can't have her" Rose screamed. "Then I'll just have to kill you" Alice said. Rose kissed her baby on the head and closed her eyes while hugging Lila tight not letting go. Alice pulled the trigger. Rose tried to escape but she couldn't, it went right through her head. "Lila" where her last words. She fell to the floor dead. Lila cried, still in her arms. Alice picked Lila up and headed for the door. "Don't worry Lila everything will be fine, servant girl" Alice said to her unlocking the door and left leaving Rose on the floor dead with a pile of blood soon found by police but thay never found who killed her.

              When Lila could fully understand what to do when asked she became a servant to Alice, being abused whenever she does something wrong or doesn't do what Alice tells her to do. Lila never knew what happened to her mom, she thought Alice was her mom untill she turned Eleven. "Hey mom am I adopted?" I asked. "Get back to work!" Alice screamed. "Alright alright" I said continuing to brush the floors. Am I adopted? To be a servant mistreated? Ofcorse I would be mistreated but... I trailed off. An hour later I finished all my chors. "Mom i'm all done, now can I talk to you?" I shouted up the stairs. "Don't yell you brat!" Alice screamed back.

               Alice got down with her hands on her hips "What did you want to ask me servant girl?" She asked with a look that meant this better be good or else your in trouble. "I have a name, it's Lila" I started off. Alice smacked Lila across the face hard leaving another bruise. "I call you what I want to call you, your wasting my time, ask me your question and let's get over with this" I sighed. "Am I adopted?" Alice looked away. "Mom?" She faced me again and we locked eyes "No" She said with a devilish smile and a little sadness. "Oh, Was I kidnapped?" I said unbelieving that Alice is my mother. She had black hair and blue eyes. I have reddish brown hair with brown eyes. How are we related? I felt a pain on my shoulder. Alice had her hand right on my shoulder squeezing it hard so it would hurt. I spoke before she could. "You look tired, let me get you some coffee or something" She went upstairs. "Don't take long!" She screamed. Ugh how much more of this do I have to deal with? I answered the question for myself. The rest of my life.

               I made coffee and brought it up to her. "Here you go" I said placing it on a coaster on her nightstand so she doesn't yell at me for putting it on just the nightstand without a coaster. I heard a car engine. When I looked out the window Alice was leaving the driveway then she was copletley gone. "Well then!" I said walking over to her closet. There was a box that i've always wondered what was inside. She would always be opening and closing it then making me do extra pointless work right after. I opened the box and found a journal. Inside it was a list of boxes with all of them checked except one. box one. 'Make friends with someone who is pregnant and is having a baby soon' Checked. Box two 'Let the pregnancy go fine with no problems' Checked. Box three 'Kill mother and steel baby' Checked. Wait what?! I couldn't believe it. My mother was murdered and I was kidnapped. Tears came rolling down. Box four 'Make sure police doesn't find out' Checked. Box five 'Make baby a servant' Checked. Ofcorse.

                Box six 'Kill servant when he/she is twelve' Not checked. Oh crap my birthday is tomorrow! Just great. A door slammed "I just had to go to the store Lila" Alice shouted up the stairs. Before I could do anything Alice was standing at the door "What are you doing?!" She screamed looking at me and the journal opened "I, I was just" I could barely speak. I quickly closed the journal and put it back in the box. "Coffee right?" I picked up the coffee and handed it to her. She spit in it and dumped it on me "ALICE!" I screamed. Oh crap now i'm in even more trouble. The last time I called her by her first name out loud I got pushed down the stairs, breaking an arm. Alice ran over to the bathroom, grabbed a big sharp knife, opened a window, grabbed me by the arm and pushed me backwards in a way that  my upper part of my body was out the window and my legs and feet where still inside "I guess I'll have to kill you one day early" Alice said scraping my neck with the knife. Blood came running down my neck, Alice this time tried to cut my head off but before she could wing the knife into my neck I threw myself out the window, stood on the little flat piece of cement right under the window I came out from and jumped to the nearest tree, climbed as high as I could up to a place she couldn't find me and turned unconscious.


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