❅ Chapter 10 ❅

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I noticed Sebastian's eyes widen as he was unable to hide the shock striking his face. But once he noticed me staring, his expression hardened - turning into an unemotional mask.

The Count of Air floated over to us, and it was the first time I noticed she was wearing a skin tight dress - black of course - made out of the finest silk. It clung to her body like liquid night, pooling and rippling around her feet.

It was a little much for a normal day at school if you asked me, but I could tell by the way she walked, the tightness in her shoulders, that she wore it for a purpose. The gown was meant to impress, and considering every man in the cafeteria practically groveled at her feet, I guess she achieved her goal.

She was standing at the end of our table in a matter of seconds, but it felt like an eternity.

Sebastian gave a curt nod in acknowledgement, averting his gaze. "Danna."

She gave a sweet smile. "I miss you, Bashy. You never sit with us anymore."

I risked a glance at the Count's table in the back of the room. Five pair of eyes glared back, but the one that stood out to me the most was a pair of golden iris, ones that matched Sebastian's. Zafira glared at me across the space between us, her top lips curled up in a sneer. She was looking at me like I was the disgusting bug she couldn't get off of her shoe, no matter how many times she scraped it on the sidewalk. Her little brother squeezed her arm, nodding to me, as if asking a question. I averted my eyes when the little boys lips quirked up into a sly smile.

Danna placed her open palm on the table, too close to Sebastian's fingers for my liking, and I tensed. Something stirred inside of me. I cleared my throat, and her sharp gaze cut to me, her lips stretching into an irked, forced smile. "Who is your little friend, Bash honey?"

I swallowed hard at the sound of her nicknames.

He gave me a sideways glance, moving his fingers away from Danna's touch - much to my liking. "Eve," he said, his voice surprisingly low and emotionless. Almost annoyed, until he looked at me for a second time. His tone took on a lighter, more airy pitch as he stared at me, a smile brushing his lips. "Her name's Eve, and she's my girlfriend."

Pride and something sweet swelled in my chest, becoming so large I felt I might burst. Girlfriend. He said I was his girlfriend.

Danna tensed, obviously not expecting that as an answer. She blanched, her already pale skin turning ghost white - almost my shade, whoa. "Oh," she said tersely. "I had no idea."

I didn't either.

Nicola elbowed me in the ribs, and I bit my tongue to hold in a hiss of pain. A wicked gleam shimmered in her hazel eyes and she wiggled her perfectly groomed eyebrows at me as if saying, "Now is your chance."

I shook myself, trying not to show that I was practically glowing, floating at least three inches above the ground. Being typically mean wasn't what I was good at. If anything I wanted to head back to my tent, dance around the kitchen while hitting pots and pans just to get my excitement out.

I held out my hand, trying to keep it from shaking and forcefully placed a fake but pleasant smile on my face. "Nice to meet you," I said, my voice as sweet as candy syrup.

She glared at my hand, her perfect little button nose scrunching as her lips turned up in a sneer. "The pleasure is all yours," she snapped. I could see the anger leaking into her body, slowly but powerful nonetheless given her body began to shake. Her hands balled into fists at her side, and soon her bottom lip began to quiver.

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