Chapter 2: Welcome! Part 2

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            When Kevin, Kylie, and Nicholas get back from the Crab Shack; Nicholas and Kevin are talking in their spacious living room while Kylie is upstairs in her room talking on the phone with Jacob. Only their second phone call they have had since she moved to Australia. 

"Nicholas, son. I don't think that Finn was being nice because he wanted to be YOUR friends. I think he wants to be friends with Kylie." Nicholas looks at his dad. "Okay. But...oh wait. You mean like Jacob and Kylie. Like they were before they were dating." Kevin nods slowly. "Yes,son. That's what I gathered." Nicholas looks down at his hands. Which are still stained from the Cheetos he had as a snack on the way home, even though they had a sampler platter of Shrimp, Crab Meat, Lobster Bites, carrot sticks,and celery sticks at the Crab Shack. "Well. Okay then. I guess I'll have to make my own friends. That sucks. I liked him." "He doesn't know that he can't date Kylie though so maybe he can still be my friend dad. Do you think so?" Nicholas looks at his dad. Kevin is looking at his desktop screen of his beautiful family. He still hasn't changed the background of him, his ex-wife, and his amazing two kids. It's way too difficult to do. Especially after her death. The death that rocked their family. The death that happened the same month as basically any other bad thing that happened in their family. September may be the name of an Earth,Wind,&Fire song, but to them it's not lyrics, it's tragic memories. If they have any memories. That month is mostly a blur for a lot of them. Kevin shakes the sad memories away and looks at his son.

Hours after Kylie gets off the phone with Jacob, she texts Lexie about her new school. Seaside Sydney United High School has a very long history. But she only tells her the basics and some interesting things. She tells her about the annoying School Uniform policy. She didn't have to wear school uniforms when she went to South Harrison in West Virginia. But now she has to deal with school uniforms every day. Well besides Spirit Week, the last day before their holiday breaks, and on Aussie National Holidays. Occasionally the principal lets them wear whatever they want if he feels like they are behaving and learning. But that's only on Friday's if he comes to that decision and he can revoke it whenever he wants. Lexie's responses to the school dress codes are not polite. Lexie has always had a sailor's mouth. But that's one of the things Kylie loved about her, she tells people like it is. She never holds back. Something Kylie wishes she had recently. She's tired of Jacob stringing her along and the distance is killing her, but she can't break his heart after 3 years. He's her first boyfriend and she still loves him so much, but she still hurts from everything he has put her through. Kylie's mind drifts off to how different it'd be if Lucas didn't move after Summer Camp when she was 12. A year before her and Jacob started dating, Kylie and her best friend since 5 years old finally kissed. She had a crush on him for 3 years, but he never showed interest. She'll never forget when his lips touched hers, she was overrun with excitement. She asked him to be her boyfriend the next day at lunch after another kiss, but he told her he was moving. Then the start of the new school year, she tried to forget about Lucas. It worked because Jacob moved back after being away in Boarding School for a year and her crush on him came back and he looked cuter than ever. After school, he asked her out. She'll never forget what he said. When he walked her up to her steps after getting off the bus he nervously asked her to be his girlfriend. His exact words were: "I know we've had a crush on each other for like ever, and I know you like Lucas Barker, but he's not here right now. So will you be my girlfriend Kylie Gabriela Couture? You're the only girl for me." Kylie's phone beeps, distracting her from her thoughts. She looks at the phone hoping it's Jacob. He was supposed to text her after his Basketball tryouts. But it's Messenger on Facebook. She looks at it closely. Curiously she opens the message that Lucas Barker sent her. Hey Kylie! It's been a long time since we talked. How are you? Do you still that lame shirt from camp?" Kylie laughs. She looks at her closet and the first thing she sees is the ugly shirt she and Lucas made for their Team Shirts for one of the Camp challenges. She smiles and messages him back. She can't believe how he responds. She stares at her screen stunned and a little nervous. She looks up at her ceiling. "Why is he asking me out now? Can't he see my status of Facebook?" She shrinks down and lays on her bed. Her phone beeps again. She waits a few seconds before she picks up her phone. She hovers her hand over her phone, hesitating. "No. I'm just going to pretend I'm busy." She says. She lays her hands over her stomach, feeling it grumble. She didn't eat much at the Crab Shack because she was to caught up in texting Evie and maybe a little too distracted by that mysterious boy who her dad doesn't like. Well,he didn't look like a boy exactly. His face was too mature and sculpted. She smacks herself across the forehead. "I shouldn't be thinking about anyone else. I think there is something in this Australian air. I think it's making me boy crazy." She rolls her eyes. Her phone starts ringing. She sits up quickly hoping it's Jacob. But she looks at the ID and it's a Voice Call from Messenger. "Will he give up already?!" She says frustrated. She slowly picks her phone up and hovers her finger over the answer button. She can't keep avoiding him. She could just tell him she was busy like she planned. But he will probably know if she was lying or not. After all, they've known each other since they were 5. But they haven't talked for a few years he wouldn't find out. Kylie eventually presses down and answers the call. "Hi,Lucas. Sorry. I didn't answer before. I was...I was busy with something. It's a lot of work moving to a new place. Well,you would know." She laughs nervously. She was shocked when he told her he thinks she is lying. "What? Why do you think that?" She asks him. He tells her that he can tell if she is lying when she stutters and explains more than is needed. She chuckles. "Yeah, yeah. Of course,you'd know that. I'm sorry I lied to you. The truth is..." She trails off. She doesn't want to tell him she was thinking about him and wondering if things would be different if he didn't move away. Lucas's voice interrupts her thoughts. "Yeah. Sorry,I'm here. And yeah Jacob and I together. We have been for 3 years." She says answering Lucas' question about her and Jacob. She hears him clear his throat on the other end. Then he asks her another question, a question that made her stomach drop. "Ummm. He asked me out right after the first day of the new school year." She says as her voice cracks. All Lucas could say was a small and weak, "Oh." Kylie scratches her head. "Yeah. I'm sorry. You moved and when I asked you to be my girlfriend, all you told me was that you were moving. Then we finished our lunch in silence and you went back to your Bunk and the next day you left Camp and I never heard from you again." Kylie chokes up over her words. Then she continues as tears are running down her cheeks. After 2 years of pushing them back, her emotions all come back and hit her like a mac truck. "I had a huge crush on you for 3 years and at camp when we kissed.I thought that I could finally have a boyfriend, but you left. And it hurt so much. I really liked you Lucas and I think a part of me always will." She says crying a little. Finally, she gets everything she's been wanting to tell him off her chest. It feels like so much has been lifted off from her. She didn't realize how much all that still affected her until now. Maybe now she'll have the courage to tell Jacob some things she's had on her mind for a while. Lucas stays silent for a few seconds. Kylie can't believe that she told him all of that. Especially the last part. She smacks her forehead embarrassed. Lucas' voice fills the silence. Kylie rolls her eyes and looks at her ceiling. "Yeah it really did hurt Lucas and I'm sorry I spilled all of that onto you. I didn't realize it even still affected me." Kylie apologizes. Lucas tells her that he's very sorry he broke her heart and he'd do anything to change that. Kylie smiles. "That's sweet. But I think I'll be okay. Well if Jacob would text me back and if he'd say more and stop hiding stuff from me." Kylie blurts out. Kylie rolls her eyes. "Crap! I'd better get off here before I tell you my entire life story. Cause apparently I'd tell you anything right now." Kylie chuckles nervously. Lucas laughs. He lets her know he's there for her if she needs someone to talk to and he points out that she always told him things she never tells anyone else, so he can take anything. Kylie laughs. "Yeah. But my life is confusing right now and you don't need the drama." Lucas laughs again and tells her she should work on her acting skills because most of the call she sounded nervous. Kylie shakes her head and laughs. "Apparently being an actress doesn't guarantee that I can push back my real feelings." She laughs nervously again. Then Lucas tells her that it's not always a bad thing and not all actresses can push back their real feelings. Then the call cuts off as he was starting to say something else. She looks at her phone. "Crap. It's dead." Kylie says. She lays on her bed ignoring the fact her phone is dead and lets her mind go blank for once and closes her eyes.

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