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Dessi POV

I had juSt finished up making ms.beans drink she's a local customer that always gives me tips she is a very sweet old lady and is in about her 70,s short and actually very fit😂❤️ after making her vanilla bean I gave it to her

"Have a good day ms.bean"i said waving and smiling

"You too dear love ya"she yelled back laughing

I went for my 10 minute break that I had and sat in the back and drunk some water and got on Instagram

"Dessi your break is over Hun"one of the older ladies yelled into the back

"Ok I'm coming!!"I yelled back finishing my water and sliding my phone in my back pocket and walking back to the front to see a guy a out 6 foot tall and I'm only 5,3 😩 he had a curly temp and he was tall and skinny but he had muscles and dimples I could see his blue braces because he was laughing at his phone so I cleared my throat

"Hello welcome to Starbucks how may I take your order"I said smiling

"Damn you hella sexy..,,,sorry I didn't mean to say that out loud but ugh can I get a Trenta shaken green tee Ma"he said laughing

"Yeah do you have a name"I said smiling

"Of course I have a nAme"he said laughing then smiling

"Oh you know what I meant"I said laughing

"Yeah I do.... It's jaden just put J.L for you know jaden Laurence"he said

"Alrighty that will be 4,86"I said smiling super hard

He handed me the money and stepped to the side after I made his drink I called out J.L as he came over from the table

"Thanks sexy can I get your number"he said smiling

I mean how can I say no? he had perfect plump pink lips beautiful short cut with sexy ass waves a cute little silver earring and did I not mention his smile those braces💦 and dimples😜 I think imma die💀😩😭 he just so..... PERFECT

"Ugh yeah sure give me your phone"I said smiling

He handed it to me and I put it in his phone as (dessiara☺️😻) and he put his number in mine and his name as


"So I'll text you later what time you get off work"he said smiling

""I said looking at my watch them taking off my apron and Starbucks hat and slipping my curly hair out the pony tail and fluffing it out

I showed full display of my white crop top and my belly ring my black tight ass jeans and my black Jordan's

"Goddddammm your body is just... damn"he said smirking and laughing

"Is that good?"I said laughing

"Fuck yeah its fucking great"he said looking at me biting his lip

"Ohh ok"I said laughing

"Where you gonna be tomorrow"he asked as I got in my car and rolled down my window

"Idk I'll let you know Jaee"I said blowing him a kiss and driving off

......I know one thing... my heart just skipped a thousand beats💡😄❤️

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