Guilty as charged

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Author's sarcasm:

I'm a terrible speller.

But, I'm a great story teller. Just ask anyone who read my novels and motivational books, they will tell you.

I make up my own words. Can't remember the difference between its and it's and my, commas, do, not, follow, the, English, language, rules, that, were, set, out, by, either, King James, or, Queen, Elizabeth, and, that, have, been, strictly, adhered, to, in Cambridge, and, Oxford, universities, which, I have never had the privilege to attend,!!!!?

I use artistic license when I write and when and where and why I use punctuation!!!!

I am sure that I will never win the Nobel Prize for Literature, but, I, don't, care.!!!!

I hope that my inept-itude-eousity doesn't offend you in any way.

I aspire to mediocrity at best.

My stories are still great. Just use your imagination. I have helped you to fuel yours, using mine.


p.s. I would appreciate hearing about any spelling mistakes though. The novel has been proofread several times... but hey! it was proofread by humans.

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