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Leahs POV

Finally! I finished my AP calc homework, yeah.. My parents are both doctors.. They expect me to follow in there path.. But you see, I don't want to be a doctor.. I'd mess something up, or even put someones life in danger... I want to be a singer, but according to my parents being a singer is just an opportunity to get unwanted attention.. They just don't understand. I put all my finished homework and study materials in my backpack and went downstairs.

"Hi mom." I said, and kissed my mothers cheek. She turned to me and smiled. "Hello darling, did you finish your homework? You have to go to your tutor in 15 minutes." She said putting her iPad down on the counter. "Yup," I said and grabbed an apple for a quick snack. "Honey, anything happen today in school?" She asked as she did paperwork. "Besides Niall, The biggest frat in school calling me a 'goody two shoes whore' then no not really." I said, rolling my eyes at the slightest thought of the Irish.. He moved here to America when his parents got divorced with his dad. "He is just jealous that he can't get a beautiful girl in school like you. Don't worry. Someday someone will give him a reality check." My mom said laughing. "Well, lets get going. I have things to do in the next 2 hours." She said grabbing her car keys. I grabbed my books, cell, and purse and we headed to the car.



I walked to my locker and got my first 3 period classes out. AP Calc, AP Science, and Honors English.. I guess there not that bad since I study and get tutored, right? "Hey Leah." My best friend Kendall said walking up to me. "Hey," I said walking beside her. "Did you hear that Kaden and Niall got into a fight this morning? They are both in the office right now!" She said, Kendall is head over heels for Kaden, but Niall? Eh, I cringe at the blond hair, blue eyed douche bag. "Why?" I asked, "I don't know. I have to text him tonight." She said, while she blushed. "I gotta go," I said noticing I was going to be late for class. "Me too." She said, and we walked to our classes.

After Lunch was swim gym.. I hated going there because all the sluts, frats, and jocks were in my class. Once I walked out of the locker room, all of the guys started making comments about me. They were absolutely disgusting. I walked over to coach Fanel while she gave instructions. While I was standing there I felt someone put there arms around me from behind. I turned around and landed in the muscular arms. I looked up and saw Niall, looking down at my bikini top, and it was extremely noticeable that his swim trunks were getting abit to tight.. Or ya know.. Showy.. "TARENCE! HORAN! SEE ME AFTER CLASS!" Coach yelled, with caused alot of 'oooooh's' coming from the other students. Of coarse..

After class Coach assigned us both detention for PDA... Uh, no.. Just no... "Hey, Babe. See ya at detention." Niall winked and walked away. I rolled my eyes and walked away also..


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