Chapter 5

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The world was spinning. I gripped Dirg's shirt to steady myself, as I did when he started doing tricks.

"What are you doing!?" I yelled in fear.

"Nothing! What's wrong?"

Bile rose to my throat as the world went faster.

All I could do was moan. "Spinning."

My head felt light. I heard Dirg yell at me to hold on, so I tightened my grip on his shirt. Closing my eyes helped nothing.

"I'm landing," he warned me.

Usually, I would launch off of him so he could land stably, but I did not know which way was down. I clung to him until he gently pried my hands off. I fell sideways and landed heavily. I saw a hand below me, but when I reached for it, it wasn't where I thought it was. Was this how it felt to be drunk?

The hand grabbed mine and pulled me down to my feet. There were three Dirgs and three Fons with worried expressions. I felt myself tipping back, so I leaned forward and started to fall. Something caught me. I gripped strong arms.

"You're dizzy, Sunshine. Just hold onto me."

"No, I can stand. I can."

I let go of him and took a few steps, only to fall on my side. I stayed down.

"You know, the earth really does spin." I noted.

Dirg was frowning as his visage moved around me.

"What's going on?" He asked.

Fon piped up. "Usually, humans start screaming as they pass the barrier. They get scared and stay scared for quite some time."

"What happens to lightsies?" I asked, clutching at the ground.

"They get knocked out and stay out for at least an hour." Fon answered.

I giggled and rolled around, hoping that would alleviate some of the dizziness. I noticed the look of shock on Dirg's face and cracked up laughing.

I heard someone else land.

"Fon! You made it! I was beginning to worry."

"Oh, I'm fine. Dirg's pet on the other hand..."

I heard kissing, so I looked up, but that caused me to tip over and start rolling. It felt like I was going down a hill, and I yelped as I ran into something. I didn't look up but just curled into a ball.

"Well, well, well, what have we here?" Said a female voice.

Dirg's voice came. "Hello, Mother. That is my pet, Sunshine. She's... I don't know. Dizzy from crossing the barrier?"

I looked up slowly and saw Dirg hugging a woman. She held him at arms length, and all three copies of her had tears in their eyes. I groaned and looked back down.

"You've grown since I last saw you, boy. Your father said to bring you to court as soon as you pet stopped screaming..."

I found myself giggling. I couldn't stop.

"What is wrong with her?" Asked the new male voice.

"I have no idea." Dirg answered. "Sunshine, can you stand?"

"If you can point me in the direction of up." I stated with giggles.

He grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled me up. I blinked rapidly at the seemingly ten people in front of me. I tried to curtsy, but Dirg had to catch me to keep me from falling backwards.

"Lean on me." He ordered.

I tried to wipe the stupid grin off my face, but the happiness was replacing the dizziness, and I could not get rid of it. I leaned on his broad chest with his strong arm supporting me. His mother shook her heads, which were slowly beginning to morph into one. She was pretty, with the same eyes as Dirg and a more petite frame, similar to Tain's.

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