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    This original story idea came from @heythere_delilah! She gave me the permission to continue her story "Crash" but instead of being about Michael, It is going to be about Calum (: this is because I already have a Michael fan fiction in the works (; stay tuned and let me know what you think of this so far! Don't forget to vote (:
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Homework. In my eyes, it is a complete waste of time. Yes, it allows for extra practice, but then what are all of those example problems that we do in class for? And what are the endless amount of notes that we are forced to take for? Of course I complain about my homework now, but I know that I always end up doing it. Only because 1. I am totally scared of my teachers and 2. I actually want to go to a good college. This is why I am sat in the middle of my living room floor at 1 am in the morning. However, I don't have school tomorrow, but I'm one of those people who can't function when there are things hanging over my head.

    My parents aren't home, as usual, since they can't seem to be in the same room together for more than 5 seconds. It's quite sad actually, but I've sort of become accustomed to only having my boyfriend, Jake, to lean on. There is no one that I trust more than him, even when he has his mental lapses and anger issues. We are able to work through those problems though, something my parents can't seem to do.

    I run my fingers through my long auburn locks as I become frustrated with these stupid math problems. They all just look like a bunch of gibberish to me. A small sigh escapes my mouth, realizing that maybe I should have been paying attention instead of texting my boyfriend. Digging into the rough carpeted floor, I push myself up and make my way to the kitchen. Only the soft padding of my bare feet can be heard through out the quiet apartment.

    Once I grab a quick snack out of the dark chestnut cabinets, I return to my studies and force myself to concentrate. That was until loud music began to vibrate through the whole building. At first I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. The only other people that live in this apartment building are the Frederick's, who are away on holiday, and the empty apartment that's across the hall. That is unless someone moved in this week.

    Due to my curiosity and annoyance of this loud, blasting music that isn't even good, I pull myself from my homework to tell these idiots to shut up. My small feet carry me across the maroon carpet as I make my way to the door in just my pajamas. I carefully swing the squeaky door open and bang loudly on the door across from my apartment. When no one answers, I take it upon myself to barge into the extremely obnoxious party on behalf of my studies.

     I swing open the door to reveal drunken teenagers grinding on each other whilst strobe lights dance on the walls. Yup, this is definitely not my scene. Heat then rises to my cheeks when I realize that I'm in teeny shorts, a t-shirt with no bra, and granny slippers, and for a split second, I think about turning around. However, If I don't get this fracking homework done now, Jake will be mad at me tomorrow since we planned a nice evening out.

    Taking deep breath, I push through the crowd of people, looking for whoever is hosting this party. With the hideous smell of sweat and alcohol in the air, I'm not sure how anyone could have a good time here. But then again, alls their gonna do is get drunk and not remember any of this so...

"Excuse me. Do you know who lives here?" I ask a girl who seems to be a little less intimidating than the others here.

"Yeah! It's the asian who apparently isn't an asian. His name is Calum H-" And before the girl can slur out the last few words, she throws up all over my slippers making my jaw drop in horror.

"Thank you." I squeak, jumping out of my slippers and running to the bathroom.

    Since all of the apartments are the same, I find the bathroom with ease and slip into it, locking the door behind me.

"Thank god." I sigh pressing my head against the door.

"Not having fun either?" I hear a male voice sound from behind me and I swing my head around in a heartbeat.

"Uh. Not really." I squeak awkwardly, examining a blue eyed boy before me. His dirty blonde hair was swept up and slightly to one side whilst he effortlessly sported a black lip ring.

"Why would you wear pajama's to a party?" He furrows his eyebrows in confusion and flashes me a grin. My eyes widen almost immediately and my cheeks redden as I make an attempt to cover my braless breasts.

I then clear my throat before saying, "I live across the hall and was trying to do my homework. I er, was just going to ask someone to turn this awful music down."

"Homework on a Saturday night? You're crazy. And this music is not awful, it's actually probably the best I've ever heard." the boy says a matter of factly making me raise my eyebrows.

"If you insist," I sigh, "Anyways, do you know where I can find a Calum?".

"Yeah but you got to tell me your name first." The mysterious boy smirked.


"Because what if you are a cereal killer who just wants to know where Calum is so that you can murder him?" He prompts making an airy laugh escape my lips.

"If I were a cereal killer, I'm pretty sure you'd already be dead." I reply making him shake his head.

"Nope. You'd only be looking for Cal. I mean, I don't think anyone could murder this exquisite face." He says pointing to his face and slowly distorting it.

"The names Ena." I giggle and shake his hand.

"Luke," He smiles, "Follow me! I shall show you to the mighty Cal-Pal.".

    Luke then leads me, once again, through the sweat infested room and to a boy with dark hair with bleached tips. He was quite tall, just like Luke in fact, and was wearing a worn band tank.

"Cal! Someone wants to talk to you!" Luke shouts over the music.

"Who?" The boy names Calum asks in a velvety voice. My eyes wander his perfectly tones arms and make their way up his smooth, tanned skin. Just as I'm about to reach is face, I stop myself. You have a freaking boyfriend Ena!

I sigh and dig into my hand when I see the incredibly hot boy waiting for me to speak.

"Could you please turn the music down?" I ask in a soft voice, clearly not audible through the blasting music.

"What?!" Calum yells back with a raised eyebrow.

"Can you please turn down the music?" I repeat in a louder tone.

"Speak up!"

"I SAID, COULD YOU PLEASE TURN OF THE MUSIC BECAUSE SOME OF US ARE ACTUALLY TRYING TO GET STUFF DONE." I scream over the music and he takes a step back from me.

"I'm pretty sure you're the only one in this building, so no, I will not turn the music down." Calum replies rudely.

"All I'm asking for you to do is turn your stupid punk-rock music down." I scowl at his tone of voice.

"Oh get a life." He chuckles taking another sip out of his red cup.

"You're such an idiot. I could just call the cops you know." I narrow my eyes in annoyance.

"Ya ok goody goody. Get your butt out of my apartment and stop trying to crash my party." He sighs pointing to the door.

"F you." I yell, swinging my hair around.

"I believe it's 'fück' you." Calum calls back to me.

"Ya right you smart a-s-s." I scream back realizing what a fool I've just made of myself.

Yes, Okay. Swears are not all that bad, it's just that I don't get the point in using them. Sure, they show emotion and such, but their are other ways to express emotion right? They sound completely out of place coming from my mouth anyway.

Without looking back, I refuse to close the door to Calum's apartment and slam my own door in protest. My hands then scrape along the stained walls and I jump onto the nearly ripping sofa that needs to be replaced. I'll just have to deal with Jake's anger tomorrow.

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