Please Read Before Sending a Text

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Please check out my profile's bio as well.. There is information on when to send, if it's not on one certain day I get way too many requests and it gets confusing. :)


Mature Content- Alrighty, since this book is rated unmature, I like to keep it unmature. So all audiences can view and enjoy! I know the Wattpad guidelines, and they do allow uses of strong language among other stuff. Though I like to keep this all to a minimum.  Very rarely(if ever I think), have other 'genres'(keeping it PG here lol) of other mature content have been posted. Though some things may be posted, ex.) pussy=pussycat :3 meow.

Strong Language- I will post some 'strong language', though if every line has some string of curse words and is difficult to understand after 'censoring', it may not be posted. I will just mention before a blooper if it is something that maybe should be avoided for some. I mean, you all are at the youngest 13, right? :P

Offensive Bloopers: Okay, this is a biggie for some people. If there is a blooper that may contain something offensive, I will put a warning. Then just carry on and don't read that text.

It should be a blooper- a text blooper is when auto-correct makes a mistake, not like a knock knock joke : )

Privacy- before sending me anything, please consult with the other senders that it is okay to do so. By sending me your text, you have acknowledged that the other users are okay with this! I would really prefer it is your own text or a friend who gave permission, then there is no issue with copyrights and duplicates. : )

There may be some exceptions, it depends what exactly the blooper is.  

I think that is it for now! It may seem like a lot, but really, it isn't! :)

And also, the above has changed and/or will change! So your blooper may have been accepted in the past but no longer is or vice versa.

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