Chapter 2-Will

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Chapter 2- Will

I'm not sure if I should be happy or worried my girlfriend knows my secret. Gosh girls are so difficult. But I know I can trust Rose. I remember the first time I met her. I just had started a life in the mortal realm for my safety. It was when I was starting my first day at school. I couldn't get my stupid locker open and she saw that I was having trouble so she helped me. Then from that moment on we became friends. After about a year we starting dating then she became my girlfriend. Lets see... She my third girlfriend. Don't tell her I keep count. At least she doesn't want to kill me or turn me into a toad. If so that would be really weird and freaky convenient. I don't know what I do to tic off girls. I guess it's just who I'm related to. Thanks dad. Honestly though, I think the hardest part was calming Rose down after we transported to my lair. You'd thought she pass out or something.

As the darkness faded Rose opened her eyes to find her self in some old, rundown, mansion like place. Everything was silent except for the ticking of a clock that hung above the fireplace. We stood in the middle of the large room. To our right was a tall spiral staircase that rose to the ceiling. Behind us was a small living quarters where dusty, velvet furniture sat around an old and carefully carved fireplace. That's one of my favorite places in the lair. If you walked past the stairs you would find a rather dirty kitchen full of supply's that would be popular in the eightieth century. It's not my fault my uncle doesn't know how to shop. And last, if you turned a right by the fireplace you would find yourself in the front living room. That room includes a beautiful stain glass window, piano and a dirty couch.

"Welcome to our lair!" My uncle Caesar smiled trying to break the silence. Roses knees wobbled as she gazed around in shock.


"Awesome! Lets do that again" Orion and Owen cheered.

"What were those things? How did we get here? Where's my uncle and how does he know you!" Rose questioned.

"Rose, I promise I will answer all your questions if you just take a deep breath and calm down-."

"No! I want answers now!" She screamed, I sighed and folded my arms.

"She's your girlfriend. She's your problem" Caesar said motioning the boys to sit down.

"Fine" I said looking at her. "Those things were shadow demons. We transported here. Your uncle is probably dead and he is a black magician hunter. That's how he knows us. Any more questions?"

"He's dead!" She shouted.

"Most likely. He gave his life to protect you and your brothers. How noble. He was a great man indeed. But our magic couldn't ward off those nasty demons" Caesar added.

"Magic" Rose said as if there was a bitter taste in her mouth.

"Yes. Magic. The stuff that makes the unexplainable happen. It comes off of Tinker Bell. Magicians use it-."

"Don't ever say magicians again!" Rose said cutting me off. "I hate magicians."

"Well then, your not going to be very welcome in this house" a voice echoed above us. Rose screamed and ducked her head.

"Don't panic. It's just Bartholomew, our guarding spirit on this place" I said sitting down in the living quarters. Rose sat up straight and gazed at the ceiling as if it were going to fall on top of her.

"Why? What's wrong with hating magicians?"

"Your hurting my feelings, Rose. I'm a magician" I sighed. "Same with my uncle and by the looks of it, you and your brother are too." Rose widened her eyes.