Dylan? Or Zach?

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Lexi's POV

Zach and me walked around New York just looking at everything. It was so beautiful. It was snowing and cold we decided to go into this little coffee shop. I told Zach I would get it and walked up to the  counter.

"Iced Carmel Laté  and a black coffee" I said to the guy at the counter

He handed it to me slowly for some reason.

"Thanks" I said dimly

I walked back to Zach and gave him his coffee.

"Thanks babe" he smiled at me

My breath hitched in my throat. Why the hell is he calling me babe? Does he have the wrong idea because I'm not trying to get in his pants. If anything I'm trying not to get caught up in drama.

"No problem" I answered

We only have 3 more days of our trip. I'm not sure weather to be happy about that or not. I'm worried that Zach is getting our feelings confused and mixed. I don't mean to give him the wrong signs.

When we got back we made plans for dinner. I took a shower and blow dried my hair. I have a problem with showers I know. I picked out some jeans with a nice sweater and scarf. I put on my black combat boots and did my makeup.

I went out onto the built in patio and took a deep breath. I looked over to see Zach reading. He looked up and smiled at me. I smiled back at him. I looked into his deep chocolate eyes.

When I looked I saw someone who was deeply in love. I quickly looked away. Truly I'm scared to fall in love again.


Zach's POV

I looked at her when I hear the door open. Her hair fell perfectly on her shoulders in curls. I looked in to her striking green eyes. I saw a strong confident woman.

She quickly looked away. I continued to stare at her studying her face as she looked away. She looked back at me and we locked eyes.

"Ready to go?" I asked

"Yeah" she said

I nodded and walked through my room and into the hall where she arrived seconds later. We walked to a Japanese restaurant which I knew she loved.

When we had ordered and sat down. I started to help he with her phone. She caught along fast and began to do it herself. In an hour she knew more than me.

All of the sudden I heard the door open. I turned to look and Dylan stood there looking around. I stood up and told Lexi I was going to the bathroom. She nodded and looked at her phone.

I walked up to Dylan, "why are you here?"

"Oh hey, Zach, right?" He said

"Yeah what do you want?" I asked harshly

"You know exactly what I want" he said smugly

"Damn right I do but your not going to get her" I snarled

"Says who?" He growled

"Me" I took a swing at his face and hit him. He was shocked but regained himself.

He took I swing I me and I dodged but he quickly punched me in the gut. I kicked his stomach and he stumbled. He punched my jaw.

Then I looked over just in tine to see Lexi stand up.

Lexi's POV

I sat staring at my phone when I suddenly herd fighting. I looked up and saw Dylan and Zach fighting.

Rage poured through me. I put my phone in my pocket. I looked over and Zach locked eyes with me for a split second. I stood up and shoved my chair back. Zach turned to Dylan and continued fighting. I jumped in the middle and stopped one of Dylan's punched that would of hit my square in the face and dodged one of Zach's. They both stopped.

"What the hell are you doing" I yelled

"Kicking his ass" Dylan said

"Shut the fuck up Dylan! Why are you even fucking here!?" I yelled

"Babe—" he started but I slapped him across the face

"Lexi," he started again, "I'm here for you"

"Your not there for her! Where were you when—" Zach started

"Shut up!" I yelled

They both went quiet.

"Dylan why are you here?" I said frustrated

"I'm here for you. I'm not going to let that bastard take you away" he said

"Don't call him that" I growled

"God Lexi I can't call him a fucking bastard? What the hell do you want me to call him? Douche bag?" He said getting in my face

"Back up dick head" Zach pushed him

"Stop God dammit" I yelled at Zach

"Lexi shut up" he growled

"Shut up!? You need to fucking shut up you mother fu—"

I felt pain rush through my cheek and sting my face. He slapped me. Dylan was on him as soon as it happened. I yanked Dylan off and punched Zach so hard that his nose started bleeding from the impact.

Then I walked straight out looking like I didn't have a care in the world.

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