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"So the answer would be 28, right?"

"Yeah! You got it!"

   A soft triumphant smile stretched your lips as you scribbled on the thin paper, the blonde next to you watching your progress with a grin of his own. Your legs wiggled with excitement as you moved on to the next question. Flying by each question with ease was such a strange experience to you; always having to pause and look back at your notes to jolt your memory or even look up cheats on the internet. You didn't know you haven't thought about this sooner. Armin clearly knew what we has doing when it came to schoolwork, so why not study with him?

   In truth, it was hard to pay attention to what he was teaching. His voice was sweet, as if coated in sugary honey with a soft gaze that made your skin crawl with an unfamiliar thrill. Teasing the poor blonde until his face burned with embarrassment became a new goal for you after a while. You wanted to watch him break down in front of you, hear his voice drown in desperation, see how high his vocal cords reached. You almost shamed yourself for thinking that way about him. Almost. The sudden warmth filling your stomach pushed your mind to create an elaborate scheme. A plan to see the innocent blonde shatter before you.

"Can't we take a break? I'm really tired..." you whined, stretching your limbs against the carpet covered floor.

"If we keep going now we can finish early and do whatever you want later," Armin offered, smiling encouragingly. "You're doing just fine on your own, I bet you can finish the rest without my help."

   His voice was sincere and reassuring, confident in your abilities. Though Armin thinks he was just being a form of motivation, your mind processed his invitation differently. You sighed and gave him a smirk.

"Anything? You'll do whatever I say?"

    Armin looked at you suspiciously and nodded. The dark fire burning in your eyes put his body in high alert, his mind working at an intense speed in the hopes of catching up to your thoughts. He had to choose and play your game carefully, that innocent face you were putting on was making him uncomfortable. He outstretched his hand in a careful manner, his eyes focused on you.


   Your (e/c) colored eyes sparked in achievement, the goal set in your mind going into full motion. You shake his warm hand, locking eyes with him as you felt the smirk on your lips turning into a sensual smile.

Oh, Armin. You're making this too easy...

"All right," you mumbled. "Deal."

    Humming a light tune you gazed back at the paper in front of you and began working, determination and adrenaline running through your body. Just the thought of what was about to come made you burst into silent giggles, earning a worried look from the young boy next to you. Taking your time in every question you managed to get the rest of them done, Armin giving you tips here and there to make the process go even faster. You could feel yourself drifting off and thinking more thoroughly about your plan. Having him this close to you - his breath on your cheek, blond strands of hair tickling your collarbone was such a tease you weren't sure if he was doing it on purpose. He was a smart boy, maybe he figured out your plan and was trying to tell you it wouldn't work. As soon as you finished the last question though, he still looked as clueless as ever.

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