Text 10

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Warnings: Another sad one :( and a bit of swearing not much
Credit to @geniusokatu for this idea XD

Phil🐯: I thought you would shout at me for loosing your favourite llama hat
Phil🐯: But you didn't

Phil🐯: I thought that you would say I was an idiot for forgetting to charge the camera
Phil🐯: But you didn't

Phil🐯: I thought you would give up on me
Phil🐯: But you didn't

Phil🐯: I thought you would hate me for being so forgetful and in my own world
Phil🐯: But you didn't

Phil🐯: you promised you would come back from your family trip
Phil🐯: But you didn't
Phil🐯: But I haven't forgotten those times that you didn't give up on me
Phil🐯: I hope that they find you soon and that you are safe
Phil🐯: Please be okay

Phil🐯: Please

7:00pm news
A young boy named Dan who recently went missing whilst on a hiking trip has been found safe, with only a few minor injuries. Thank you to all involved in the find.

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