Les joies de l'école.

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Chapter 4: Les joies de l'école (The joys of school).


It turns out I didn't have any classes with Isa, which was a bit daunting at first but as I sat in homeroom, I felt more comfortable as the students started to pile in. The girls were chatting about their summers while the guys sitting in the back were chucking paper at each other, and me, well I was sitting with my head on the desk looking at the names carved into it, fascinating. You get a real understanding of the type of people here just by looking at the desks.

Since day one I had every class with Isa, she was the one that spoke up for me when my voice seemed to have disappeared, the one that looked out for me.

You see one thing about me is that I can't speak in front of crowds or groups for that matter. My knees wobble and my stomach heads for the hills. I guess I'll have to step up now and conquer my fears, it is after all my senior year and graduation is just around the corner.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and I looked around to face a bubbly looking girl with flaming red hair, bright blue eyes and a huge grin showing off world class white teeth.

"Hi! Are you new here? Well you must be 'cause I've never seen you before," she rambled.

I smiled up at her, "Yeah, I just moved here from San Francisco."

"Oh! I've always wanted to live there but the Big Apple is my home. So what's your name?"

"It's Alexia Wilson but I prefer just Lexi."

"Oh you have such a pretty name," she said jumping on the spot. Wow, this girl must have springs attached to her legs.

"I'm Jacqui Ryan," she said grasping my hand and shaking it.

Looking back at my desk I eyed my schedule, after homeroom I had Calculus, social studies, then chemistry, music. After lunch was English and then the icing on the cake, gym. Just what I needed a bruised ego on the first day of school, not to mention probably bruised butt too.

Out of my peripheral vision I saw Jacqui glancing over my shoulder at my schedule. She squealed, "Lexi! You have the same subjects as me except I haven't got chem today."

I was glad that I at least had someone to talk to which beats being a loner any day.

Our homeroom teacher ran inside the classroom, apologizing for his tardiness. Laying his brief case on the teacher's desk he set to work on welcoming us all back and took to read the bulletin.

"Kids today we must welcome a new student to Rhode Hill High School, Alexia Wilson." Waving me over, I walked to the front of the room.

"I'm Mr. Mason, how about you say a few things about yourself Ms. Wilson."

"Well..." I stuttered glancing at everyone, my eyes stop over Jacqui who was giving me thumbs up. Feeling more confident I continued, "I'm from San Francisco and I just moved to New York a couple of days ago." Pausing I looked at Mr. Mason questioningly not knowing what else to say.

"How about we get a couple of people to ask some questions about you?"

I nodded, a few hands raised.

"Yes, Mr. Stephens do you have a question?" Mr. Mason asked.

"Yeah, what's your bra size?" He said smirking and glancing at all the guys at the back of the room.

Feeling heat rise in my cheeks and I looked at the carpeted floor. I couldn't help thinking that if Isa were here she would have brushed it off with a witty comment. She wasn't though and I was standing here like a headless goose with nothing but flaming red cheeks.

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