Chapter 11 - Tate and Violet

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Ashton sat beside me. He asked for Tate, and I handed him to him. He had already held Violet.

"Tate and Violet, huh?" He smiled at the baby in his arms.

"Yeah," I nodded.

"Aren't those the names of the girl and the guy on the first season of American Horror Story?"

"Mhm," I smiled and chuckled a little.

"What about their middle names? Lucas and Hayley after Luke and Hayley?"

"I used their middle names as people who saved me," I began to explain (A/N: HEY-HEY-HAYLEY, WON'T YOU SAVE ME!!), "Luke saved me from overdosing and leaving my Tate and Violet parent-less. Hayley saved me, as to say she made my life better."

"They're beautiful. Violet is the spitting image of Hayley. Tate looks like you both," Ashton pointed out.

"Yeah, he does. And Violet will be a mini-Hayley, I know it," I pushed the blanket away from Violet's face as I saw Ashton nodding out of the corner of my eye.

"Cal, I haven't held Violet yet," I inferred that Luke was wanting to hold her.

"Okay," I handed her carefully to Luke. Michael took Tate from Ashton after asking me if he could. I watched Luke talking to Violet.

"Hey baby girl.. I'm your uncle Lukey," she began to move around a little bit, "and I'm going to be your favorite uncle."

"I heard that," Ashton laughed.

"It's true," Luke fought, then continued talking to the babies. It was amazing knowing that they were mine, my flesh and blood. I knew I loved them to death after only knowing them for a little over an hour.

"I'm their favorite uncle, you both lose," Michael challenged. Tate began to cry. That proved his statement wrong.

"Mikey, give him here," I told him. I grabbed baby Tate and held him tightly in my arms, bouncing him around a little. I needed Hayley, she would know what to do, thanks to her motherly instincts. But she wasn't here.

"You guys are really good uncles, though. You know you're going to be seeing the babies tons," I reminded them.

"Yeah. We'll help you, Cal," Ashton promised.

"Thank you guys so much. You don't know how glad I am that I have you three."

"Your parents and Mali will help too. Hayley's mum will help too, I'm sure," Michael pointed out.

"Yeah, but on tour, they won't be there. You guys will be the only ones. I'll pretty much have to take them on tour, because I'm not leaving them here with my parents for months at a time. I can guarantee you that," I promised.

"What will management say?" Michael wondered.

"I don't care what management says. I have to bring them with me," I told him.

"We'll get them to let you bring them, don't worry," Luke promised.

"Good. I could never leave them here without seeing them for months. They already don't have a mum anymore," it was terrible to say it. I began crying. Why does life have to do such terrible things?


Sorry it's a short update.. And someone has already guessed where I got the names and got it right, so that's done. The names are from Season 1 - Murder House of American Horror Story:)

-Lizzie xx

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