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The Relief India Trust has been a great contributor in matters pertaining governance of India. For that reason, the trust has played a critical role in the implementation of various schemes set by the government. Starting with child rights, health issues, education and nutrition, the Relief India Trust has greatly invested in the schemes to ensure all people in the society have a better quality life. A number of NGOs both in India and other parts of the world usually have a focal area towards which they direct their efforts, but the Relief India Trust has decided to focus on a number of them depending with the one affecting a specific location in the country. In short, this trust is an all round NGO working for the betterment of the entire society.

First and foremost, the Relief India Trust is so much concerned about the education of all children in the country. For that reason they have come up with various programs that will ensure all of the children get this basic need of the 21st century. Schools have been set up for needy and underprivileged children across India, while others are given financial aid to cover their education needs such as fees and other materials like uniforms and learning materials. Now Relief India Trust is focused on increasing enrollment of children through the midday meal program where all school going children are given meals while at school to boost their concentration while in class.

The feeding program has been expanded to also include feeding expectant and lactating mothers without food, special schools, runaway children, elderly, the economically challenged among others. There are actually more social initiatives set up by Relief India like disaster relief, health checkup, scholarship programs and life skill programs among others to help in boosting better quality life in the Indian society. The trust is ever dedicated to providing the best services for the entire society. The entry of the Relief India Trust into the social welfare provision is actually a double advantage to the society and needy members languishing in poverty.

Hunger and illiteracy are among the millennium independent goals by the Indian government and the Relief India Trust helps a great deal in helping the government achieve the goals soonest possible. By boosting education in India, it is true that the future is safe for everybody. Be a part of the trust and help bring the change by supporting this noble cause.

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