11.First kiss

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It was 10:00 pm me and chris decided to watch a movie. we were watching The vacation which was funny. 

Layla: That's it i'm going to bed im so tired 

chris: yah im coming too 

layla: okay turn off the tv 

chris: what does it look like im doing dancing? 

layla: haha funny NOT! 

i went upstairs changed in my night gown which was short i regretted it right away because chris is going to sleep in the same room the same bed! but this is the only Pj's i have my mom thought it would be better if i would wear night gowns. 

Chris: Wow! 

layla:fuck off chris 

Chris: haha im gonna go change 

layla: okay have fun 

he went to the bathroom came out with only a boxer he had abs which looked sexy he was muscular which was super hot! Layla stop!!! 

Chris: like what you see?!

Layla: Wtf! No! you are not sleeping next to me like that now wear something!

chris: no im sleeping like this if you like it or not! now good night 


chris: fine fine just shut up im sleepy 

layla: i hope you have the worst dream ever!

chris: you too 

i went to bed and it felt so weird sleeping next to someone well this feels weird but oh well. it was 4:00 in the morning i wake up it is still dark i feel something on my waist i turn on the light on my phone and it is chris's hand it was warm but i didn't like it the boy was half naked for gods sake i tried waking him up but he didn't so i screamed he jumped up and looked at me 

chris: are you okay? 

layla: yah you wouldn't wake up so i screamed 

chris: why did you wake me up 

layla: because a half naked boy put his arms around me 

chris: who is that dick that touch my fiance 

layla: I'm guessing your the dick

chris: oh whatever go back to sleep 

layla: okay 

it was in the morning i got up took a shower changed into a floral dress with a brown belt around it i put on my wedge shoes the top is closed the side has a ribbon on it (http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/e0/5d/2c/e05d2c504ed70b9ceb13b1d8af53347e.jpg the link to the shoes) i curled my hair. i did my make up winged eyeliner, with mascara. i got out of the bathroom and see that chris is awake 

chris: good morning 

layla:good morning im gonna go make breakfast 

chris: please don't make mine spicy again 

layla: i won't i promise 

(chris pov) 

im still planing my prank on layla but i need to know what she is scared of. i wanted her to meet my friends. i took a shower got dressed into black v neck with black pants and black and white converse  and i went downstairs seeing layla cooking she looked sexy 

chris: i want you to meet my friends 

layla: okay 

chris: they will be coming over at 2:00 pm 

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