She got it 2

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Lucas pov.

After she said that she tried to walk away. She got to the door and I stepped in front of her. I grabbed her wrists.

A|n : He grabbed it like when someone is hitting you and you have to hold their hands.. Yeah like that.

Yn " Get away *trying to get out his grip*

Me " Come on don't be like that.

Yn " can you let me go ?

I just let her go. I watched as she walked to her car she sat in her car on her phone with the window rolled down. I walked towards her car and she rolled her window up. I walked to the other side of her car, I opened thee door and snatched the keys out the ignition. She looked at me with the evilest look ever. I got out the car and walked in the house with Yn slowly following behind me

Yn " Can I get my keys ?

I shook my head no. She rolled her eyes and folded her arms. I smirked. She was leaning against the door and I was leaning against the banister which was half way across the steps.

Me " C'mere !

She stayed right were she was.

Me " The quicker you come the faster you get your keys.

She damn near ran me over.

Yn " Can I get my keys now ?

Me " No.

Yn " Ugh ! You play too much !

Me " I know I do *smirking and wrapping his arms around your waist*

Yn " Can you move ?*Trying to push him off but he doesnt bulge*

Me " Nah ma' , now .. What if I told you I had a crush on you for a while and I think I love you too ?

I let her go . And She just looked down at the floor.

Me " What you looking down for ?

She just shrugged

Me " Well youre too pretty for that , show the world your beautiful face. *Lifting your chin up*

I could tell she wanted to smile. I whispered "can I get a kiss?" in her ear and she nodded. She stood on the top step and I threw my arms on her waist just above her butt. Then we both leaned in and we kissed.

We kinda made out for a while before she pulled away .

Me " What you trynna do now ?

Yn " Mm watch a movie

We walked upstairs and watched Netflix. Not no freaky shit tho. We layed down and watched one of her favorite movies then we both fell asleep. I really can get used to having her around.

4 months later

Me and Yn have been 'bestfriends' and honestly Im trying to get past that. Derrick is still trynna get at her and I hope she isn't giving in. Well ill see her in a few because of schooll.

@ school

When I got out my car I seen Yn talking to Derick. I just sighed and walked pass them I dont even know if they seen me. I started walking to the class and I heard Yn call my name. I looked back at her and she hugged me. I barely hugged her back cuz I was upset that she was talking to derrick

Yn " Whats wrong? *sounding concerned*

Me " Im not feeling well today.

Yn " Aw! I hope you feel better ❤!

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