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Cayana Lé

I turned off the shower water, grabbed my towel and headed inside the bedroom. It's been a week since I've seen August and I feel as if we're really done this time. We both said some pretty mean things, and I just can't deal with that anymore. He threw things in my face that he shouldn't have, and yes I've made a few mistakes but so has he. That argument was probably one of the worst we have.

My name is Cayana Lè. I'm twenty - two years old and I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I'm transgender. Standing at 5'0, I have to admit I'm beautiful. My body is amazing, and overall I'm just a very good person. I have an older brother who is also transgender, he isn't fully done with his process but we still refer to him as a woman. His name is Jayana Jí. He's twenty - four and such a diva. I planned on meeting him at an Italian restaurant, so I need to hurry my ass up. I got dressed in something cute, straightened my hair bone straight. And applied some nude matte lipstick. I grabbed my Givenchy handbag, made sure everything was locked up and headed out to my 2015 Cocaine White Range Rover. It was a present on my birthday, from August.

I met August two years ago, at a friends party. It was love at first sight for the both of us and we became inseparable. We were bestfriends more than anything. We told each other everything. We communicated with each other. But then, he became more and more famous. It got to his head. The bitches and materialistic shit got to his head. And he forgot about everyone who was down for him, including me. He started coming in late nights. Some nights he didn't even come home. It was bitches on his dick all day and every day. Being the stupid and nieve person he is, he's not able to tell them that he's in a relationship. So he sits and let it happens. That's when I have to step out and become crazy.

I'm a full time model, but I'm also known as August Alsina's girlfriend. What they don't know, is that I'm a transgender. August seems to have a problem with wanting anyone to know, his family doesn't even know. I feel some way about him wanting to keep that part a secret. He claims to love me, but I don't see it sometimes. I don't like hiding who I am from anybody, and he's making me do that in this relationship. He feels as if he'll be looked at differently, or he'll lose fans. That's all he seems to care about these days. His image & his fans. But what about me?

I pulled into a parking space and headed into the restaurant. I immediately seen Jayana in the far back, typing away on her phone as usual. Jayana was absolutely beautiful. Standing at 5'3, she was a caramel complexion. Thick as hell. Beautiful, long hair. And soon she would be fully woman. She was a journalist so she was always busy working.

" Hey boo. " I smiled as we gave each other a hug, and peck on the cheek.

" Hey babe. You looking sexy. " She said. I smiled and playfully waved her off. I just knew I was going to enjoy spending time with her. She always made me feel so much better.


August Alsina

I hummed a tune as I wrapped it up at the studio. I'd been here all night long just singing. Singing alway made me feel a bit better, when I was dealing with shit. I nodded my head at the receptionist and made my way out into the parking lot. I unlocked my 2015 black SUV truck and got inside. I didn't wanna go home, to an empty home. I wanted to go and be with Cayana. I been doing some thinking and I was wrong for some of the things I said. I don't mean to hurt her, but I'm young. It's in my blood, buf I'd do anything to get her back. She hasn't called nor texted and that scares me. What if she's really done? With someone else? I don't know what I would do with myself.

I love Cayana. I love her more than anything in this world and I just want her to see that. Yeah we may argue, but I don't see myself with anyone but her. That's my baby and I planned to marry her one day. When I'm ready for that. She has hurt me though. She's cheated on me and she aborted our child. Out of anger, she did that. And when I found out, I was broken. I cried and I just wish I could go back in time and change that. Even when she did that, I forgave her. Not my family though, well specifically my mother. She was pissed, I mean she loves being a grandmother and Cayana took that away from her. Trying to hurt me, she hurt a lot of other people as well. I did some pretty fucked up things to but nothing as serious as that. I've cheated. But that's all I ever done. I wanna fix it though. I wanna fix us.

I decided to send Cayana a text, asking if she could come over to my place. I just wanted to have an adult conversation with NO arguing. I'm sure we can do that.


" I don't wanna fucking hear it. " Cayana yelled. I just let her yell and scream, cry. I wanted her to let it all out, I didn't wanna see her hurting anymore. It hurt me to see that. It hurt me, knowing I caused it.

" I'm sorry Cayana, I swear I am. I never meant to hurt you and I beat myself up for it every single day. But you hurt me to, so what'd you expect me to do. I wanna be with you and build something with you, but I just can't without thinking about my child. " I mumbled.

" I was so stupid then. That was a mistake I regret making. That day I was just so angry and upset at you, I just wanted to hurt you. I regret it, I'd take it back if I could August. I swear I would. " She cried. I pulled her into a hug, kissing her forehead. I know she was sincere about it, and so was I.

" We should go to counseling. We need help in this relationship. " I said. I looked her in the eyes, letting her know I was serious. I wanted us to work and would do anything for that.

" Okay. " She whispered. I pecked her lips.

" I love you. "

" I love you to August. "

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