Marry You

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We were eating dinner as usual on a cool fall night, relaxing after a long day of filming. We were eating in content silence until Josh stood up and said, “Dance with me,” He extended his arm, but I smiled demurely and shook my head at him.

                “There’s no music.” 

He lifted me up off my chair and spun me around, making me squeal. I wrapped my arms around his neck and bent my knees, giggling. “That doesn’t matter.”

My feet hit the ground and I said, “Wait, I have an idea. Go put a suit on.” He raised his eyebrows, questioning me. “Just do it,” I told him, and then hurried up the stairs behind him. He disappeared into his closet and I closed myself into mine. I found a dancing dress, a knee-length silver thing, and pulled it on over my head. I left my feet bare, though, forgetting about wearing heels. I came out of my closet and saw him standing there in a suit and socks, looking so handsome. “You look dashing,” I told him, pulling on his tie and fixing it for him. “Now, watch this.”

I pulled him downstairs and turned off all the lights except for the chandelier in the middle of the foyer. Now, it looked just like a fancy ballroom floor. Well, almost. I turned on the stereo to mellow, slow-moving music. “Since we can hardly go out anymore,” He mused, looking around at the atmosphere I had created. He reached his hand out for mine, and I took it. “May I have this dance?” He asked.

                “Of course,” I told him, and settled my hands on his shoulders. He planted one hand on my hip, and the other one near my neck, holding me close. Gravity by John Mayer came on, and we swayed to the lazy beat, and I moved my head to lay down on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around my waist and picked me up so my feet were resting on his, his legs moving for both of us.

I laughed into his neck, being soothed by the slow movement he was giving both of us. “What is it?” He asked, running his hands over my back.

                “I feel like a little girl, with my feet on yours.” I told him, latching my fingers together behind his head.

                “You are my girl,” He told me, and kissed me sweetly. “And you’re pretty little, too.”

                “You love me too much.” I said to him, framing his face with one hand.

                “So I’ve been told.”

                “But I love you more,” I traced his eyebrow with one finger, getting lost in his eyes and the way he was looking at me. I kissed the corner of his mouth and then his lips, running my hand over his day-old stubble.

                “I don’t think so.”

                “No?” He shook his head, burying his face in my neck. I wrapped my arms around his head and petted his hair, breathing in the scent of him. He kissed my warm skin, making my whole body start to tingle. “Marry me.” He whispered, removing his lips from my skin and setting my feet back on the floor. “I love you, Jennifer. Marry me.”

                “Josh, if this is to prove that you love me more-…”

He shook his head, getting down on one knee. “It’s not. Jennifer…I…I don’t have the ring right now, but I’ll get one. I love you more than anything in this world. Will you marry me?”

My heart was doing cartwheels. How could this be happening? There was no doubt that I loved Josh more than I’d ever loved anyone, but it was all so sudden. But really…I didn’t care. What else were we waiting for? We were only getting older, and I wanted to grow older with him.

I jumped into his arms for a second time that night, feeling him lift me up off the ground as the tears streamed down my cheeks. “Yes,” I whispered, wiping them away with the back of my hand. “Yes, I’ll marry you, Josh. Yes, yes, yes.”

He spun me around, and I squealed like a child. He kissed me over and over again, like he couldn’t get enough of me. “You’re mine,” He murmured, his lips against mine, “Forever.”

                “Forever and ever,” I promised him, “I’ll marry you. I’m going to marry you.”

                “I love you,” He whispered, “I love you, I love you,” He couldn’t say it enough.

                “Fiancé,” I tried the word out, and it rolled off my tongue like it belonged to me.

                “I love you.”  He kissed me again, all over my face. I couldn’t help but giggling and squeezing my eyes shut tight, feeling his lips pepper me everywhere. “And I’m going to marry you.”

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