once again

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It was a splendid morning to start a day, but I didn't feel like doing anything. I just wanted to sleep - sleep like there was no tomorrow, but I couldn't sleep. No one really cared if they were all dead and it was my entire fault.

I shouldn't have forced her. I shouldn't have forced her to do what I want. I was too selfish. I just thought of what would make me happy. I should have just listened to her, then she'd still be alive, but no, I didn't do that. I shouldn't have decided on my own. I should have listened. I should have, but I was too excited to do that.



"We still have a month so don't rush."

It was the day when everybody was happy except me and the day when selfishness devoured me.

I started to drink to forget that time.

"Well I'm not rushing."

"Yes you are, you perverted outer space alien!"

"Come on Misa-chan, we have to be prepared, what if you go into labor suddenly? Who knows?" I had said all chibi-like, trying to cheer her up.

"Fine." She said before I parked the car.

"Takumi, can't I just stay inside the car?" she continued.

I thought about it.

"Fine. Call me if something happens,'kay? I'll be back after an hour or two. I love you."

"Ok. I love you, too." She agreed. She was beet red by the time I kissed her on her forehead, before I shut the door.

I was too selfish.

After I brought what I came for, I hurriedly went back. The guard that was standing in the hallway offered to open the glass door, seeing my hands were full of shopping bags, he smiled and greeted me.

Then BOOM! An explosion was heard throughout the place and there in front of me, a car was burning.

A car… my car!

I dropped the bags I was holding and ran as fast as I could. I wanted to reach the burning vehicle but the other shoppers who were there stopped me.

Why did this happen?

Where is she?

Don't stop me!

My wife!

She's still there!

I shouted, I screamed.

I tried to reach them but I couldn't...

I couldn't save them.

I went to the rooftop to get some fresh air but I still had a bottle of beer in my right hand.

And then I saw her. With our child reaching out but I couldn't reach her, like she was far away.

I chased her and I didn't notice that I was already standing at the edge of the building.

I was holding onto nothing. The pain that won't heal, I have to hold them, they were in front of me then I tried to reach again.

And finally I got to hold her.

Now we can be together...Once again.

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