10. New House

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It was in the morning 5:00 am I had to start packing while I was packing I saw a few stuff that I had forgot about I saw a picture of me and my dad few tears came Down how could he leave us what was he thinking. I was done packing all my stuff that I needed I looked at my room one more time tears were rolling down my face like crazy I went in the shower got out then put on a v neck with black ripped jeans I straighten my hair put eyeliner and mascara then  sprayed perfume. 

Layla:mom I'm done packing

Mom: okay Leo help you sister bring her things down

Leo came and helped me I saw him upset which made me cry I saw my sisters down stairs I said my goodbye

Layla: I will miss you guys so much I love you guys you little devils promise me you guys will call and visit me

Lea: I promise

Leo:I promise 

Lilly:I promise

Layla:bye guys ttyl

Bye they all said

My mom took me to my house it looked beautiful it is a mansion wow I'm surprised at least this is something good that has happened in my life.

Mom: do you like it?

Layla: I don't like it

Mom: what she looked sad

Layla: I love it

Mom: thank god you scared me she smiled widely

We entered the house chris and his family were already there we all said hi they all left a hour I loved the house it was beautiful

Chris: unpack my stuff too

Layla: do it yourself lazy ass

Chris: god you are so annoying

Layla: haven't you seen yourself now can you help me take my bags upstairs?

Chris: no have fun doing it yourself

Layla: please i Will do anything 

Chris: anything? He said with a smirk him and his dirty mind

Layla: and no I didn't mean by that so stop thinking about that

Chris: fine he helped me with my bags
we went to "our room" gay....

Layla: chris do we have to share rooms you can have the guest room


Layla: god you are annoying as fk

Chris: just for you

Layla: fuck you!

Chris: gladly

Layla: you and your dirty mind nasty

Chris: love ya! What is there to eat?

Layla:idk I will cook homemade pizza

Chris: okay

I went downstairs that dumb ass really trusted me to make him food good thing I have my prank hehe I finish making the pizza

Layla:chris come down pizza is ready

Chris: I'm here

Layla: enjoy I smiled

Chris bit it he stop chewing after 2 min I gave him my evil smile

Chris: you bitch you didn't

Layla: too late did it

Chris was turning red I could tell it was spicy I laughed my ass off

Chris: what the fuck is wrong with you god that is spicy shit give me more water

Layla: you actually thought I was gonna make you normal food damn you trust people easily

Chris: fuck you he said taking a sip of his water you are gonna get it

Layla: can't wait

Chris: games on future collins

Layla: games on collins 

Hope you enjoyed what do you think chris is going to do what will his prank be hmmm.... anyways comment and vote love ya! And sorry this was short please vote!

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