Basically I don't have much time on my hands so I'm just gonna rant about certain things that I haven't covered in my previous ones as well as new material.

1) By the way, the "Phandom" is not going to have its separate rant because I have only so much to say about that. With that said:

Dan Howell and Phil Lester are one of the funniest Youtubers I've seen in months and before someone murders me, it's not my fault that no one told me about them until recently.

The one thing I really hate about this fandom is the shipping. Yeah, I ship them as well but its a BROTP rather than an actual OTP. This is where the problem comes in. On videos, about half the comments have something to do with the ship and half of them telling them to get together. Guys, like seriously, it's not your fan fiction, this is someone's life. If they wanted to come out, they would. End of story. Write smutty fanfic about them for all I care, but please like legit don't force the ship on them.

On a completely unrelated note: Phil is a cinnamon roll. Dan is a sinnamon roll.

2) Now, something that I have to really get out is how we comment on anything on the Internet:

It's okay to voice your opinion AS LONG AS YOU AREN'T BEING A JERK ABOUT IT. There are people who know this cause it's basically common sense. But let's face it, common sense and logic is so rare on the internet these days. But never mind that, I think its also common sense that WE NEVER INSULT something that a person with feelings worked really hard on. Here's why I say this. On, I came across a guest review for Mysterious Fates that said:

"I didn't realize you could condense autism into the written word until today. Thank you for enlightening me to this."

First off, NEVER USE AUTISM AS AN INSULT. To the people who use autism as an insult: yeah, you guys are literally the scum of the earth. I have a family friend whose son has autism. ITS NOT FUNNY OR CLEVER, IT IS JUST PLAIN RUDE. The first time I read this, I felt pretty much dead. My motivation went down rather quickly for a while. I don't mind critical comments as long as they help me get better as a writer or artist but this...? NO.

3) In case you haven't noticed, I also hate it when people bad talk my favorite characters.

First off, why would you want to do that? You're basically signing a death warrant if you insult someone's favorite characters/cartoon/TV show/movie(s)/anime/OTP. It's one thing to not like a character. But to hate them for petty reasons like someone getting in the way of your ship or some bullshit like that, THAT IS NOT OKAY. If you don't like a character, give a valid reason why. I'm going to go by fandom because there are some points in my previous rants I don't think I went into that much detail.

Fairy Tail: I swear to god, if anyone says that Lucy Heartfilia is weak, useless and overrated one more time, I will legit kick your sorry ass all the way to Neptune. That, is not a valid reason to hate her. A friend of mine doesn't like her because she's oversexualized and even though that's not a valid reason in my books, I can still see where they come from. But weak? Like no. Even though she's not physically strong, she is emotionally. For gods sake, she lost her mum when she was ten, her father died waiting for his daughter to come back from Tenrou Island during the seven year gap and then in order to save her friends, she had to break one of her beloved Celestial Spirit keys to summon the Celestial Spirit King. And with that broken key, two arcs later, she was literally ready to stab Brandish in the back. So tell me: exactly what part of Lucy makes her weak? The fact that her friends save her butt? She did save their fricking butts multiple times as well so its basically returning the favor.

Harry Potter: Quite honestly, I don't think I talked about the series enough in my HP rant. That being said, why do people hate Ginny? Freaking Ginny Weasley. The only reason most people seem to hate her was because she was Harry's love interest, called her a Mary-Sue, ect.

 The only reason most people seem to hate her was because she was Harry's love interest, called her a Mary-Sue, ect

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Um, yeah.....I'm sorry, can I smack you upside the head? Ginny did have flaws. She was a little angry, hot-headed and a tad too prideful at times. In the movies, as much as I love them, even I'll admit they did not give Ginny the proper respect. But truth be told, that's the movie's fault, not Bonnie Wright's. Personally, I loved her as Ginny, the movies just didn't give her much of a role. And Snape. Why. I'm neutral of whether loving or hating Snape. The previous six books show him basically treating Harry and his friends like shit and then he turns out to be a good guy because he was in love with Harry's mother? First off, I find that kinda creepy. Second, I get the fact that he's human but his actions during the past six books makes its unforgivable.

4) Also, there's the Dreamworks/Disney crossover shippings. You all know perfectly know who I mean by this. Jack, Elsa, Merida, Rapunzel, Hiccup and Anna. The shipping wars are so crazy with this crossover fandom that its not even that shocking anymore. In fact, I just simply get out the freaking popcorn and enjoy the show.

Put it this way: Hiccup and Astrid are already canon. Rapunzel and Flynn are freaking married. But people ship Hiccup with Merida, Jack with Rapunzel, and even Hiccup and Jack (Please don't kill me, these are the ships I see the most.) Jack and Elsa is the only ship that makes sense to me and it's not just because of their ice powers. But by god. I ship these as crack. (with the exception of Jack and Elsa, or Jelsa, but shhhhh....unless Elsa gets a new love interest in Frozen 2.) I even read a few Jack x Hiccup fanfics while I was on Tumblr when the HTTYD 2 teaser trailer came out. I'm not afraid to say that I did read some. Some were actually good. XD But please guys. I'n neutral on the shippings but keep the wars to a minimum. We already have enough shipping wars in Fairy Tail.

Well, those are my mini rants for the day! Comment below and tell me what you think! Or you can vote as well, that wouldn't be a problem either. XD Anyway, if you want me to do a rant, just request down in the comments section! :D Sayonara!

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