Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Thursday, August 1

That night, my room was like a death zone. Whatever virus had struck Kelsey, had hit Alessa too. And it was terrible.

We had thought that things were about to get better for Kelsey but Bianca and I woke up, only half an hour after going to sleep, to sounds of a vomiting Alessa.

Whatever it is, it was spreading, and we needed to make sure it didn't hit us.

"The pain I'm in right now is actually worse than childbirth," Alessa whispered with her weakening voice. She was curled up in her bed with a trash can beside it, just in case she couldn't make it.

"This is terrible," Levi said as he looked at the two frail girls.

"And disgusting," Jaxon muttered and turned around with a disgusted facial expression.

"Don't be an ass," Eli said.

"Guys, I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone, so maybe Lace and Bianca shouldn't sleep here tonight," Kelsey muttered. Then she stood up and shuffled to the bathroom. I heard her coughing, but with the amount of food she's brought back up today, it was only dry heaving.

"This is so bad, how did this even happen?" Bianca said and leaned into Levi.

"Guys I'm serious," Kelsey said, walking out of the bathroom and getting back into her bed.

"Yeah, this is terrible, get away," Alessa said.

"Happy to oblige," Jaxon said and walked out of the cabin.

I rolled my eyes. There was something wrong with that boy.

"I can stay with Levi," Bianca said and looked up at him.

Well this was awkward. "I think I would rather stay here..." I trailed off.

"No you wouldn't," Alessa said as she ran to the bathroom.

I felt like I was in contagion with the way these people were acting. It was only a twenty four hour stomach virus, an I had a steel immune system, I could fight it.

"I don't think that's a good idea," Levi said and gave Kelsey a weary look.

"It's definitely not a good idea. Why would you wanna stay here?" Eli asked incredulously. "No offense Kelsey."

"Don't forget the other sick girl," Alessa muttered as she came out from the bathroom.

"No offense Alessa," he added.

"Hey it's all good in the hood," she mumbled into her pillow.

I think the virus was getting to her head or something.

Before any of us could say anything, the nurse from earlier, Nancy Greene, walked in with Marcus behind her, looking a little green himself, but not in a sick way. It was more like he was completely grossed out.

"How are my two little patients doing?" She asked and walked over to Alessa's bed.

Mrs. Green was an older woman, in about her fifties or sixties, with a big heart. She was extremely nice, and seemed like the type of lady you would want to be your grandma. With her greying hair and kind eyes, she seemed like the type of person who would have fresh cookies waiting for you after a bad day at school. She even had us call her grandma, as it was what she was used to.

"Grandma, I feel terrible," Alessa whined.

"Aw sweetie, here, take some medicine." She said. She pulled out liquid medicine from her bag then poured it in the dispenser cup. But as soon as Alessa got a whiff of it she pulled away.

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