Mad Cry x Depressed!reader

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Y/n pov

It all started with a see threw smile. 
I sat on a bench in the middle of a park. -Not a children park, more of a forest type one-. I smiled at anyone who walked by, if they looked and smiled of course. It  was...polite. Too bad my smile wasn't real. Then, I smiled at someone wearing a mask, his mouth visible.
That was my first mistake. 
He stopped in front of me, "Are you alright?" 
I quickly nodded, blushing in embarrassment, "Y-yeah!" I tugged at the ends of my long sleeved shirt. 
Second mistake.
He frowned, "No you're not." I got up quickly, looking at my phone, "Oh jeez! Look at the time! I-I need to g-go home."
I hurried past him, tried, anyways. He quickly grabbed my wrist.
I yelped in pain and flinched slightly.
Final mistake. 
He sighed and let me go, "You are a horrible lire." I looked down, avoiding eye contact. He gently pulled me towards the forest, "Come on, you need someone to talk too, I can tell." With another sigh, I followed him. 
We both were now sitting on a fallen tree. He waited patiently for me to start. I let out a breath slowly and spilled out my story. When I was done, I was in tears. He wrapped one arm around me, in a half hug type thing. I hugged back, of course. Basically crying into his chest. He sighed and hugged me completely, pulling me onto his lap. I didn't care at this point. "Could I know your name?" He asked softly. "Y-Y/n." I stuttered out. He smiled, "Beautiful name. My name's Cry." I smiled a little, "I-I like your name." "I like your name more." "Thank you, Cry, for listening."

Not exactly Mad Cry, but oh well! I wasn't really focused, I think I'm sick ;-;
Requested by: Shollowangle

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